Daily Distraction: Welcome to Night Vale

My dear readers, 

this is perhaps, long overdue. As I was lying in bed this afternoon, too tired to read, talk, or do homework, I needed a distraction. This will not be a long post, as typing is a little laborious. I am predominately well, and Pie is extraordinarily well. She is thriving at her college, and misses blogging. She is living, and living abundantly. As I hope for all of you. I have many more good days than bad, but as you know, getting well doesn’t mean you don’t have bad days, just fewer of them. 

Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional radio show that is distributed as a free podcast on iTunes. It’s set in a little town in the South West where all fantasy, science fiction, and conspiracy theories are possible. It’s a little morbid, tongue in cheek, and soaked in the macabre. Above all, it’s whimsical and very restful. And the fandom is pretty exciting. I’m on the 10th episode and still enjoying it. If you need to be a little more intrigued, read this post and admire the pretty pictures:


“A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep…” Welcome To Night Vale, Episode One

The main reason I like it, is that it fits lying down in a dark room with a cup of tea, ever so perfectly. It’s distracting, his voice is melodious, and the music at the end of each podcast is a fun mixed bag. Plus, it’s witty and you don’t feel pandered to in your weakened state. So, go on iTunes and download them. I think you’ll find it enjoyable. Do you have any podcasts or distractions to recommend a tired Misses POTS? 

Be Well,