So… we manage to have awkward conversations rather regularly…

Teddy: Is the red toothbrush yours? Because I’ve accidentally used it a couple times.

Pie: *mouth drops in utter horror*

later that day

Pie: So, do you ever have the problem where you’re driving, and from far away you see a runner. And then you say to yourself, ‘man, look at the smexy runner!’ only to realize when you get closer that they’re like 75 years old?

Teddy: The problems we have living in an old person town.

and that night,

Teddy: wow, you have a really beautiful whistle

Pie: bwahahahaha *continues whistling rather self consciously

I don’t know how it happens, but I highly doubt our conversations would be considered acceptable in polite society. Kind of like when we take creeper photographs of our little kid friends when they’re asleep so we can blackmail them during Vacation Bible School. This is all hypothetical of course : )

Speaking of Vacation Bible School, we’re currently researching projects to decorate our room for VBS. Well, I’m supposed to be. I’m actually writing this. There are only so many ways to make a paper mache fish. Well, thats not true. You’d be alarmed with the amount of crafty stuff you can find online. Pinterest is particularly dangerous to a creative fiend like Pie. Eventually she just succumbed to drawing mass amounts of Dr. Seuss fish.

The one thing you don’t understand is that she looks at a picture and reproduces them PERFECTLY. It’s sickening. This random picture I got off the internet has got nothing on her. Regretfully, her talents are better spent drawing. I am left to cut them out, which results in MASSIVE hands cramps. I would like to kindly murder whoever drew his creatures. They have mass amounts of detail and are super spiky.

So this is what we have been up to lately. VBS, and dressing up like pirates/witches and wizards from Harry Potter for the youth events at the library. We volunteer and help out the librarians there. Pie and I have come to the conclusion that we have finally gotten to the point where we have no shame. I’m not entirely sure how long this has been going on, but having to walk through town fully dressed as a Harry Potter character so we could teach Hogwarts summer school sort of brought that home.

All summer, we’ve been doing everything together. ¬†And then suddenly, she had to go back to school. Which means we have to keep in touch via pinterest and texting. She’s currently helping me dress up my dorm room for next semester. Well, we’ve always shared a room. So it seemed rather natural for me to text her at midnight with an awesome idea.

Teddy: Just had an idea as I was falling asleep. What if someone covered their ceiling with old scarves? They could have this cool, ripply, layered effect.

Pie: You should be asleep! Bad Teddy! It could be done right… but done incorrectly it could look like a whore’s room

Teddy: Where do you have all this information about whore’s bedrooms??! night.

Pie: I’ve seen movies ok? it’s not something I’m proud of.

Yes, that was verbatim. Maybe you won’t find it as funny, but it’s how we pass our time. Kind of like how when we drink our broth in the morning we say we’re going to our brothel.

My favorite facebook back and forth was when we were actually in the same room.

Teddy: um Pie? I forgot to tell you this, but I was accidentally on your facebook yesterday and clicked your new friend requests and ___ friended you

Pie: Thats weird. Why would he friend request me?

Teddy: Probably because when I was on your account yesterday I liked his comment.

Pie: But I’m not friends with him! How could I have liked his comment?

Teddy: I was liking my own status…

In case you haven’t noticed, Pie is really funny. So funny you that even when you’re mad as anything at her, she can make you laugh. Like just tonight, we were on the phone and she was narrating our our cockatiel’s love for me.

Cinnamon the cockatiel: *screams* I’M DESCENDED FROM THE DINOSAURS! RAWR!

She’s truly a fearsome thing to behold.

Granted, these conversations usually happen when one of us is intensely sleep deprived (yay time zones!) but we find them amusing. If our humor didn’t make you crack a grin, well, you probably won’t like the youtube videos we’ve been watching lately. So good luck. And so long and thanks for all the fish.

Oh, a few random things I’ve noticed I’ve noticed: 1. on July 10, 2012 we received precisely 2,189 views. Hoping there weren’t that many people with POTS reading our blog (wait, let me rephrase that, I hope there are not that many people suffering from POTS) I naturally went and investigated. I’ve mentioned before that our blog really attracts people looking for Happy Birthday pictures. Sure enough, we attracted over two thousand birthday wishers. That’s a ton. Literally. Apparently July 10th is a very auspicious day. 2. Pie and I share precisely 100 friends on facebook. Thats alarming and makes me want to go hide under a rock somewhere. 3. Our blog has gotten pinned so often on pinterest due to our supermegafoxyhot pictures, we can be searched and have our own page. Like a boss.

Ok, onto the funny videos.

Warning: All of these have some language and questionable sexual references. But they’re funny enough that Pie literally almost peed herself. I’m not kidding, I had to pause it while she sprinted to the bathroom she was laughing so hard at the second one.

this last one made me think of this meme:

Pie also wanted to include this last picture.

That is all. Have a splendiferous day!

-Teddy & Pie