Meg Cabot: The Mac to our Cheese

Pie: Teddy? The flies are uh, doing the nasty on your arm.

Teddy: Looks down

Pie: Just kidding. I think they’re playing with each other.

Teddy: death glare

Pie: Teddy, the breeding ground of all flies!

Teddy: It should probably be mentioned that we’re in our horse barn at the moment. Just so our readers don’t think I’m Pig-Pen from the Peanuts.

Pie: swings on swing happily

Teddy: Hey!

Pie: Hay is for horses!

Teddy: But better for cows, yeah, yeah we know. Anyways, we wanted to tell you guys about our favorite author, Meg Cabot!

Pie: So throw off your fuzzy bunny slippers, your bathrobe,

Teddy: I don’t like where this is going.

Pie: Put on your converse and go out to the nearest book store and instantly buy a book by her!

Teddy: But what are they wearing under the bathrobe?

Pie: Doesn’t matter. The point is, we love her.

Teddy: She’s a witty author for teens and young adults.

Pie: Mostly for girls, but that never stopped anyone from reading Twilight.

Teddy: You must not speak its name!

Pie: That’s Voldemort.

Teddy: Not that it makes much of a difference

Pie: Her books are really good for people like me who aren’t big readers. They’re fast paced and easy to read. The best part is that she has a ton of them, and each one is as good as the next.

Teddy: I read constantly, and our parents read often too. We tried to get Pie to like reading, but she didn’t really enjoy it. Everything we threw at her she thought was boring and didn’t finish. Even Artemis Fowl. I don’t think I’ve ever forgiven her for that. Plus, she got sick and was too tired to read. I didn’t understand that until I got sick too. It’s rather draining, and POTS kids want mindless activities to make them feel better.

Pie: But somehow Meg Cabot books are mindless enough to not make me tired, and interesting enough so I’ll still enjoy them. This summer I read twenty of her books, I do like reading but I just can’t all that often. One thing that worked when I was younger was to listen to books on tape. That way I could nap,

Teddy: This was before the Mayo clinic told us that naps were bad for her.

Pie: and still read. That’s how I read the Harry Potter series and A Wrinkle In Time.

Teddy: The first paperback we both enjoyed together was Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series. It is SO much better than the Disney movie I can’t even tell you. The pop culture witticisms are hilarious and the characters have great depth.

Pie: Before I read the series I loved the movies but truthfully they are completely different from the books. I loved The Princess Diaries because everything seemed so real. Meg Cabot made sure it would come across as a REAL diary, and just like a diary some days are more interesting than others. This series has more drama than action which is awesome (if you like drama). The characters are SO LOVEABLE by the end of the series the characters became my friends and I still think of Mia as a real person. Not many books can trick you into thinking the people are real (just like J.K. Rowling does in the Harry Potter series). I still sometimes wonder what trouble Lily Moscovitz is getting into (Princess Mia’s best friend) Or what crazy invention Michael has created and how Mia’s book is selling.

Teddy: Every single Meg Cabot book has the same magic quality to it. It feels like her voice is continuous through all of the books and in some regard I have grown up with her because her books were published throughout my middle school and high school years.

Pie: Now before we get started on the Mediator series I am not going to say I like one more than the other because they are both fabulous and have different concepts. The Mediator series is more action packed it keeps you guessing and you never really know what is going to happen. The main character is more rough and tough and takes some getting used to compared to the lovely adorable Mia. Suze is a mediation (someone who can talk to dead people) she sends them back to the realm of the unliving instead of roaming around on earth. She soon finds that many of the ghosts have unsettled business on earth that Suze has to solve for them.

Teddy: One thing I like about all of her books is the heroines love interests captivate you as much as the heroine. They are irresistibly brave and witty young men and handsome to boot. My favorite is Michael Moscovitz.

Pie: I really loved Jesse from the Mediator series.

Teddy: Now on to Avalon High. PRETEND THE MOVIE DOESN’T EXSIST!

Pie: I couldn’t even endure 5 minutes of the movie.

Teddy: After watching the trailer I didn’t even try to watch the movie. It’s about King Arthurs courts that’s been transplanted into a modern day high school.

Pie: WHICH IS WEIRD! (but the book is ah-mazing)

Teddy: And once again the main character is completely loveable. She has the funniest hobbies like floating in her backyard pool and going on hour long runs with her nerdy dad.

Pie: Funny enough she actually enjoys running she inspired me to even go on a run amazingly enough…..I almost went. This isn’t a series but doesn’t leave anything hanging which is really nice. I hate when books don’t resolve all the problems that’s one thing you will never have to worry about with Meg Cabot.

Teddy: Plus there is always a love story…and they always get together….which I enjoy ❤

Pie: Same here ❤ Teen Idol is another non-series but non-awful and awesome! It’s about a girl who writes anonymously for her school paper as Dear Annie. She helps solve everyone else’s problems. She becomes friends with a teen pop star who she is forced to lead around the school and they become weird little friends.

Teddy: This story really wasn’t stereotypical at all. She is a much more down-to-earth-character because she doesn’t care whether he is rich or famous. She actually dislikes those parts about him. She is just an average girl who babysits, stays out of trouble, and is in show choir.

Pie: It’s a simple story that is perfect for a fast, summer read. I loved reading it and I definitely recommend it.

Teddy: Captain Obvious, your ship has sailed. We’re recommending all of her books!

Pie: Yeah well, I’m just going to cry myself to sleep now…

Teddy: Remember, no naps.

Pie: Rawr. Bite me. Anyways, whats our next book?

Teddy: Meg Cabot wrote several teen romance novels set in Victorian Era England. The first is “Victoria and the Rogue” and the second is “Nicola and the Viscount”. I adored them because I’m an anglophile.

Pie: Which apparently means someone who likes English stuff. She’s not a pedophile, I swear.

Teddy: It’s a common term! Anyways, they’re both about young girls fresh on the marriage market who have their hearts set on a wealthy match. But, like with most of Cabot’s headstrong heroines, things never go according to plan. They’re filled with gorgeous descriptions of gowns, narrow escapes, and dashing gentlemen.

Pie: The spats between the heroines and their true loves are hilarious, it’s nice to have so many witty characters in one story.

(cover reads: It’s what’s outside that matters)

Teddy: Our next series up for review is the Airhead series.

Pie: A GREAT series. Except for the ending.

(Back of cover reads: No one cares what’s inside) ( I am not telling you what it says because I think you are blind…I am telling you because I know you are illiterate 🙂 )

Teddy: Correction, the first book is probably one of the best Meg Cabot has ever penned. The second book was good, but the third was terrible.

Pie: The story is extraordinarily captivating. To put this book down actually was painful. It is so interesting and I felt like I was the main character. I experienced what she experienced. Even though the ending isn’t as spectacular as Teddy and I would have liked, the series is still marvelous. Don’t get me wrong the ending isn’t awful! It just wasn’t my favorite ending.

Teddy: It’s about a girl who wakes up in the body of a supermodel. While it sounds like a Disney series it’s actually more complex. We feel incredibly sorry for the character because she is forced to live out the models contract in exchange for being kept alive in the models body. This includes having all of her friends and family think she’s dead, even her best friend who she’s in love with.

Pie: Umm….no more spoilers okay Teddy bear?

Teddy: *grumble grumble

Pie: RUMBLEROAR…he’s a lion who can talk!

Teddy: Haha. This concludes the Meg Cabot books Pie and I have read TOGETHER.

Pie: You make it sounds like I can’t read! YOU DO NOT READ ME STORIES.

Teddy: The remainder of the books are either adult fiction or romance novels. The last four are much more crude than the others and I do not recommend them to anyone who dislikes reading books with mature scenes. I rated them out of five stars

Boy Next Door ☆☆☆☆☆ Adorable New York romance.

Every Boys Got One ☆☆☆☆ Think Boy Next Door in Italy. It’s adorable and scenic.

The Heather Wells Mystery Series ☆☆☆☆☆ FANTASTIC SERIES! A college RA who used to be a popstar before she gained weight solves mysteries in the dorms. It’s hilarious, honest and very relatable.

Insatiable ☆☆ Vampire crap that pretends to not be. That being said, it’s well written vampire crap. And she used the names from Dracula. So it is slightly commendable.

Ransome My Heart by Mia Thermopolis (Mia Thermopolis is the heroine of the Princess Diaries)☆☆☆☆ Lovely Regency romance with a main character that is a bit of a tomboy.

Educating Caroline ☆☆☆☆☆ Another Regency romance novel with a very alluring lead guy. Seriously attractive. I was quite in love with him by the end of it.

The Lady of Skye ☆☆☆☆☆ Brilliantly done, one of my favorite romance novels of all time. I can’t even give a simple synopsis. Read it if you can deal with the occasional sex scene.

Pie: See now all of your reasons to NOT read are invalid…ha ha ha just kidding. We all have bad days, and Meg Cabot can save you from them! SO put on those bunny slippers and!

Teddy: Oh not this again…..


Teddy&Pie: That is all for this week! We are going to start posting a lot more since we are both out of school (Finally!). Teddy is going to post every Tuesday (tuesdays with Teddy not Morrie). If you ever need any book recommendations ask us since Teddy is a bookaholic and Pie will tell you if the books are actually good. This normally depends if Pie could actually get through the book. Have a great week filled with laughter and health and maybe even a book. Enjoy!


tEdDy & pIe

P.S. We actually do kinda look like that. Beautiful job Gimparasi!

P.P.S. And a HUGE thanks to Meg Cabot for writing such fantastic books! And for making out lives, a little more adventurous.