I ate 39 spicy rolls off the floor….

Right, so as you may have guessed, this is a post just to make you smile. I’m feeling a little sleepy, and am half way through a serious post. But I figured if I needed a brain break you might too.

I love That 70s Show. Pie showed it to me and it’s freaking addictive. So skip the first two minutes of this and it’s just spectacular. Here it is!

And Pie sent me this funny video awhile ago, but I just discovered it and it makes me giggle

Especially since my cat does that all the freaking time. He’s just that silly.

Speaking of silliness, I wanted to share something that has made my day for awhile now. Don’t ask me why, but we can see the search terms people put in google to direct them to The Misses Pots. But the funny thing is that it’s rarely anything to do with POTS, nor do they generally makes sense. So I’m showing the best, I honestly look at the statistics just so I can see the silly things people type into search engines.

1. Voldemort. “Voldemort headphones”, “Voldemort jokes”, “Voldemort wants ice cream” “Team Voldemort”  I kid you not, that’s just a smattering of them. This confuses me on a fundamental level. I think the second to last one is my favorite.

2. “How to make paper roses” this is a common one. I think our generation is incapable of making them. Yet they’re a popular commodity, the people have spoken! Shame google keeps sending them here. Must really crush all their hopes and dreams.

3. Aristocats. The best one was “kitten pain in aristocats” What kind of sadists read this blog??!

4. Happy Birthday. Nearly 1500 times. I’ve ceased to be amazed by that.

5. Monsieur Poirot. And every spelling combination possible thereof. Oh Poirot you dog. Diverting people to our humble blog. This makes me happy, apparently I’m not the only one in the world who reads Agatha Christie. I just might be the only one that can spell that character’s name.

6. “Crazy cat people” you have come to the right place!

7. “Teddy I love you” aw shucks. It’s so soon, I don’t even know your screen name yet!

8. “Pedialyte for horses” …? I see why you’re directed here, but why are you asking such a thing?

9. Jim Hawkins from the Disney movie Treasure Planet. People love him. I didn’t even know that movie was so popular. Of course, he’s voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so why should I be surprised?

10. “mushroom jokes” I want to be friends with you. So badly. Just so you will tell me jokes about my favorite vegetable.

Ok, so I used to love Safetysuit. Honestly, they’re pop at its finest. They’re like Onerepublic before they became big. So when a free giveaway on itunes appeared by them I was kind of psyched. And the lyrics are awesome for POTS. When I get sick I get angsty, dunno why. I guess it’s just a throwback to the situational depression I experience during my first couple years of POTS. I listened to a lot of Breaking Benjamin, especially their album “Dear Agony” Take that as you will. Anyways, ignore that tangent.  Here are the lyrics.

“These times will try hard to define me/ And I’ll try to hold my head up high/ But I’ve seen despair here from the inside/ And it’s got a one track mind/
And I have this feeling in my gut now/ And I don’t know what it is I’ll find/ Does anybody ever feel like,/You’re always one step behind?/
Now I’m sitting alone here in my bed I’m waiting for an answer I don’t know that I’ll get/ I cannot stand to look in the mirror I’m failing/ I’m telling you these times are hard/ But they will/
And I know there’s someone out there somewhere/ Who has it much worse than I do/ But I have a dream inside, a perfect life I’d give anything just to work/ It’s like I’m only try’na dig my way out/ Of all these thing I can’t/
And I am/ Sitting alone here in my bed/ I’m waiting for an answer I don’t know that I’ll get

I cannot stand to look in the mirror/ I’m failing/ I’m telling you these times are hard/ But they will pass,/They will pass/ They will pass/ These times are hard/ But they will/
These times will try hard to define me/ But I will hold my head up high/
Sitting alone here in my bed/ I’m waitng for an answer I don’t know that I’ll get/ I cannot stand to look in the mirror/ I’m failing/ I’m telling you these times are hard/ But they will pass/
And I know there’s a reason/ I just keep hoping it wont be long ’til I see it/ And maybe if we throw up our hands and believe it!/ I’m telling you these times are hard/ But they will pass/ They will pass/ They will pass/ These times are hard/ But they will pass.”

So I really like it. Because sleepy days are the days you can go into your sad place. When that happens, I pray. Because it’s comforting to know that I’m not in control. That there is a better future, and even a better now if I look for it.

SPEAKING of looking for good things, I have something I would like to share. I was accepted into an Archaeology field school! So this summer I will be on a dig learning how to be an archaeologist. This will entail a month of being in a pit, learning to expertly use a trowel and brush. I’m probably going to come back blonde there will be so much sun. That’s strange. Teddy bears can’t be blonde. Maybe I’ll wear a hat. Anyways, this is a really big moment for me because of a few things. One, it’s competitive to get into. Two, it’s pretty athletic. This is important because I thought I wouldn’t be healthy enough to do this for years. Last year is when I started getting noticeably better, but I was still walking and it was quite a struggle. I almost had to quit school a few times. But when I was stuck inside, I would read archaeology mysteries by Amelia Peabody. And then, the days I felt well enough to walk, I would shut my eyes and pretend that I was in Egypt walking across a lifeless desert.

So, these times are hard. But they will pass. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Be Well,




Pirates’ Logs and Llamas


This is Teddy, I’ve had a bloody lot of homework so I’ve run behind on posts. I made a promise to myself that I would write a post a week, that went well. Have you ever noticed that life comes at you in threes? My parents are visiting me at college, I have a Bio 221 midterm that is sucking out my soul, and an english paper due. But that is besides the point, dear reader, this is not my freaking diary. Speaking of which, I’d actually like to talk about that in this post. Diaries, Journals, Pirates log, what have you. They are something I would deem a necessity to every POTS kid. It’s odd, I often feel to0 tired to read (and since I’m a voracious reader that’s rather problematic) but I never feel too tired to journal.

I think it’s because I’ve made a friend out of mine. Now, before you say, “Well, this Teddy character is rather weak sauce, she’s so pathetic she meets her social needs by talking to an inanimate object.” That is not the case. Well, at least not half of it : ) I do have friends, very good ones in fact. Living in a dorm surrounded by girls practically ensures friendship of some kind. But, there are some things you can’t tell your friends, or family for that matter. Things that are simply to mundane to tell people who are well. I can tell Pie just about anything and she won’t be alarmed or bored. Like, being sick nearly every week for a few days. That would alarm a normal person. They want to know if you feel better, not if you feel worse. So, like a practical person, you swallow your honesty briefly and tell a good fib. You feel much better thank you, how is your cat Mr. Tiddlywinks?

But that, my dear reader, is not the way to go about it. It causes resentment, but I don’t have to tell you that. I spent an entire year doing that in high school. Actually, to be frank, I still do that upon occasion. But then you get all that emotional buildup that stems from fermenting lies and ill health. You ponder the fact that no one cares enough to notice you’re sick as dog, and momentarily forget that of course they don’t. You lied to them  and told them that life is grand.

I would like to introduce a character that is very dear to me. His name is Bleddyn, and he is my journal. Bleddyn is the Welsh word for wolf, I found it in a splendid book by Sharon Kay Penman. She is someone I would like to talk about in depth, her writing certainly merits it. But that will be for another post. Bleddyn is my friend of the heart so to speak. He is bound in thick green leather crafted with an image of a pine forest and celtic knots. There is a designer called Oberon Designs that makes the most beautiful journals, and they use inserts so you will never “use up” a journal. Pie just buys another journal once she’s filled it up. I just take out a book insert, and put a blank new book inside the binding, ready to be inked. But that’s just meaningless aesthetic detail. Bleddyn is much more than that, he comforts me and listens to all my drivel. I think of him as a great furry wolf running through the forests of my mind.

I love beautiful things, so I researched for awhile before buying my own. I saved up all summer, and bought Bleddyn with my own money. Yes, it seems a little frivolous to buy an expensive journal, but for me it was a good investment. My older brother writes in cheap Meade notebooks, my sister gets sparkly ones at Barnes and Nobles. I bought Bleddyn at http://www.oberondesign.com/ Even if you don’t want to buy a journal just yet, they’re still fun to look at.

There are a few good rules to starting a journal.

1. Name it. Trust me, nothing feels more foolish than writing to yourself. Make sure it’s a name of someone you don’t know, don’t bother writing to someone you do know. I’ve tried that, it’s frightfully romantic for about a month and then you realize how silly it all is.

2.  Make a pact with yourself to write in it every day.

3. Whoa there, before you throw up your hands in frustration, hear me out. The third rule is that there is no strict amount to how much you write a day. Some days merit gobs and gobs of words and some don’t. There has been many a day where I’ve written the following,

Dear Bleddyn, that was awful. I’m going to bed.  -Teddy

I kid you not. There are days like that for all of us. But there are also days where you want to bemoan the universe or chatter about that adorable person who looks precisely like Johnny Depp. Which leads me to my next point,

4. Write whatever you want. There have been weeks I have written nothing about real life, because I simply didn’t want to. I wrote about dreams, a book,  or a beautiful dress I saw. It’s calming to write about something other than the mundane hours you spent doing homework (or not doing homework, as the case may be). Or may be you need to talk about the day, that you felt sick, or had a new symptom, or are simply scared.

A journal is a comfort. I don’t use the word diary because of the negative connotations. We’re not children, or maybe some of you are. And whether you’re a child or not, you still have a right to think. You have a right to feel heard and not judged, and loved by someone kinder than you feel at that moment. So, don’t give up on humanity yet. We’re in a rough place, where we can’t tell people how we really feel all the time. Yet, we also need to, desperately so.

Sorry it was a bit of a bummer post, but I do have something rather splendiferous to share as well….

LLAMAS WITH HATS! Thats right dear readers, it is the most hilarious thing to hit the web since Charlie the Unicorn (and oddly enough, by the same people) It’s sadistic, hilarious, and the most quotable youtube video ever. Some of Pie and my favorite lines are as follows:

“Oh, that is a foot. I appear to have swallowed an entire person!”

“That’s the hotel bartender Carl.”

“That explains why my mojito is taking so long.”

That, and the infamous “Caaaaaaarrrl” lines that sporadically pop up should make anyone’s day better! So, grab a pal, a cat, a sister, anyone. And prepare to be amazed. Just click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZUPCB9533Y and laugh your head off.

So I hope that if you learned anything, writing helps. To quote a rather splendid fellow, “keep it secret, keep it safe” (your journal, not your feelings). Get all the acid out of your system and then watch Llamas with Hats. It’s a surefire path to success!

Be well,


Food+Workingout+Exercises = Energy? Say what?

Pie: Hello world (or any awesome person reading this) I must admit I was never really interested in blogs until I watched the movie Julie and Julia. After watching that movie I realized how amazing blogs are, and how they can affect people without being acquainted with them. Also Teddy thought this could be a really cool way to share our ways of dealing with POTS. In this post I want to talk about some of the things that physically make me feel better since Teddy and I have mostly talked about the mental medicine ❤ With POTS it’s very hard to control your symptoms, I still have yet to find the miracle to make it go away. But through hours of research in our own personal high tech lab (….our house!) we have experimented with foods and workouts that truly help.

  1. PEDIALYTE (okay, I know what you must be thinking, this random blogger is recommending baby Gatorade. Crazy wouldn’t you agree?) Pedialyte is a drink with electrolytes (snails and puppy dog tails) with POTS drinking fluids is a must to help with your blood flow (G2 is also good, and is better for you than Gatorade). For some reason pedialyte makes me feel a lot better. I’m not going to go to the extent that after I drink this magical elixir I turn into a superhero with super strength and the power to fly. No, I just feel a bit of my fatigue and dizziness wash away. I normally drink this before I workout, hang out with friends, or when I’m having a plain ol’ bad POTS induced day. They sell it at groceries stores and isn’t hard to find. Oh! Before I go to number two, pedialyte tastes a lot better when mixed with water…(you will be thanking me for warning you about that)
  2. Tea ❤ I adore tea! I love feeling like you have your own personally hearth inside your tummy. Teddy sometimes compares tea to drinking flowers….(she really likes flowers) she has this amazing orchid tea that we drink on special sister days. We just curl up, talk and watch our favorite movies and t.v. shows. Some teas are caffeinated (as I’m sure you know) and I’ve heard that caffeine isn’t great for POTS. I normally try to drink non-caffeinated teas but I’ll admit I do cheat this POTS rule and enjoy peach green tea.
  3. Water. I mentioned earlier the importance of blood flow for us who are…how do I put this…lacking. I drink tons of water! The only problem with this method is if you are like me, and you are cursed with the smallest bladder known to man. Imagine a human water fountain and you will understand where I am going with this. Always bring a water bottle with you wherever you go. I went to the mall today and I drank three bottles full of water. It’s my fuel source (if you don’t count cheese).
  4. SALT. That’s right you heard me! S-A-L-T no wonder my horses lick me. With great salt comes great responsibility (to drink enough water to counteract it). For a person who doesn’t have POTS, having a lot of salt in you’re diet isn’t a good idea. But since we POTS peeps already have a bad heart the doctors are telling us it’s good for us. Eating salty snacks like pretzels, nuts, and cheez-its are really great snacks. My doctors made it clear that I also have to drink lots of water with the amount of salt I take. You can’t just eat the salt 😦 Salt and water help create better blood highways. I don’t know, maybe like well-oiled cars? I know nothing about cars, so if I ever pretend I know anything about cars I am telling you now, I am not to be trusted when it comes to them!
  5. Cardio. Something that has always baffled me is when I went to doctors they told me exercise was one of the best medicines. As a 10 year old who was as tired as an old cat I thought that was a crazy idea! But they were right; cardio is another one of those things that helps. It doesn’t always help but it’s a good feeling to know you have done something productive. It also makes you feel better afterwards. Cardio can be swimming laps, playing tennis, taking a run/jog/fast walk, or running on an elliptical or treadmill. Basically anything that gets your heart rate up for around 20 minutes or more (you start small and add time as you get in better shape) I alternate from tennis and working out on an elliptical. (don’t recommend stair masters or jump-roping it can make you really dizzy)  Before I workout I drink a big cup of water and a big cup of pedialyte. Drinking beforehand makes me feel less out of breath. Teddy and I need to be distracted while we work out on the elliptical so we watch t.v. shows to entertain us. I normally watch shows that I can space out to. Here is a list, Gilmore Girls (<3 this show IS AMAZING), Americas Next Top Model, Ouran Host Club ( a hilarious anime that will steal your heart away within seconds), Project Runway (really cool show!) Endurance (it’s on discovery kids, it’s basically like survivor but with kids), Survivor (bet you didn’t see that one coming), Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad, The Biggest Loser ( It’s nice to see I’m not the only one in pain while working out), Drake and Josh, Degrassi (this show sort of scares me, but in the past week I have been watching it and I think I’ve become a bit…addicted), GLEE ( I love Glee! My parents bought me the first season when I went to the Mayo Clinic and my Dad and I watched it a lot haha ❤ and HE ENJOYED IT!), American Idol, and Hayao Miyazaki films (If you have never seen any of his films you have been deprived.) I think this list could go on and on but I am experiencing a brain fart.
  6. “Brothing” every morning. When Teddy and I wake up we get broth(bullion cubes) and go back to lie down. This is our first intake of salt that we need to start up our day. We lay there for about 15+ minutes. When we are done we do twenty-five arm lifts with 6lb weights, squats, and toe raises. This is how we jumpstart our salt filled day :]
  7. Leg lifts, one thing that is so hard about POTS is when you sit up abruptly you get really dizzy, which makes sit ups really difficult. Teddy and I both gained weight when we first got sick because we were too sick to do….basically anything. With POTS you aren’t supposed to lie down during the day but I still do leg lifts. Leg lifts are when you lie down on your back and hold onto something (bottom of bed, table legs, really anything that is stable) I love leg lifts because they don’t make my head spin and I feel like I am doing something to help get rid of my tummy fat (storage for winter…tomato tomAAto)
  8. Pelvic Curl….I looked up the name and it sounds more like a poke’mon attack then a stretch, wouldn’t you agree? A … pelvic curl is when you lay down on your back and your knees are in an upside-down V shape  -^–o    that’s you! Aren’t you as cute as a button? Then you lift your REER off the ground ( I have no idea how to make a stick figure to look like that… fail XD )
  9. Planks (a gift from the devil) if you are anything like me you probably hate planks. I love the idea that someday I will be this buff woman with abs (but we both know that’s not going to happen until I am really motivated) To do a proper plank you can go into push-up position with your palms on the ground OR with your elbows to the ground. If you do attempt this (I dare you) you will feel it working instantly. This is why I like it, because you can feel it working. Planks can make me a bit lightheaded if I don’t breath enough while I am doing it.

10. Humor, make sure to keep things in your life that make you happy. In our earlier posts we have talked about things that make us happier. It can be as simple as reading a cute book to watching a hilarious youtube video. “Make em’ laugh make em’ laugh! Don’t you know everyone wants to laugh? … You start off by pretending you’re a dancer with grace, you wiggle ’till they’re giggling all over the place.

And then you get a great big custard pie in the face!

Make ’em laugh

make ’em laugh  make ’em laugh” -Singing in the rain ❤

Life is amazing and don’t let POTS take over your life. It’s a part of your life, not your entire life. We have learned to refuse to let it take over. Fight it because we are going to beat this. Teddy and I just want to thank-you saints for reading our blog so far. If you have anything to add to my list of foods and exercises please comment! Share your knowledge! We really appreciate it and hope that we can help in anyway we can to make your POTS trip as enjoyable as possible :] Until we meet again ❤



The Misses Pots Debut


Teddy: Hello, I’m Teddy. We figured we would start this off with a few (boring) introductions just to give this blog an “official” kick off. I’m currently a college student at the University of _______ (insert awesome college here 🙂 ) I play tennis, I read incessantly, and I’m a team roper. Team roping is a rodeo event, I will explain it more in later posts.

Pie: Hello whoever is reading this I am Pie. Teddy’s little sister and I’m in high school. I love anything artsy-fartsy. I ride horses and I play tennis. I LOVE animals….I mean seriously LOVE THEM! As long as they are fuzzy….they don’t even have to be fuzzy I will still love them. And, (what a huge shock this will be) Teddy and I are vegetarians.

Teddy & Pie: And together cue the cheesy backround music we are the two Miss POTS!

Narrator: Now for some back round information, POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) is a pain in the rear. It generally strikes teenage girls, Pie got it when she was 10, Teddy got it when she was 16. It takes 2-5 years to heal, in theory, but can take some people a lot longer (Like Pie). It involves the autonomic nervous system (which regulates everything you don’t, so digestion, heart rate, hormones, and blood vessels) Incidentally, the latter is at the heart of their problems. Time for a biology lesson, blood vessels contract and expand when you sit up or lie down to get the blood to your heart and head more easily. When they expand, the vessels get bigger and the blood gets there in a sluggish manner. This is fine if you are lying down but when you stand up they need to contract so the blood can shoot up to your head and heart. See the problem yet? Well, if the autonomic nervous system is supposed to tell the blood vessels to contract, and its not working, you don’t get blood to your head. This makes your heart beat very fast, along with making you dizzy from lack of blood. This activity of almost fainting every time you stand is very tiring, so much so that many Miss POTS are diagnosed with chronic fatigue (which happened to Pie). Fortunately, at the ages of 15 and 17 they were diagnosed with POTS at the Mayo Clinic.

Teddy: Thank you, Jeeves. Now, all of this is but an overview. It means you feel sick every day. It’s scary to get diagnosed-

Pie: Because most doctors don’t know about it.

Teddy: cough right. But thats not our point. Being stuck sick at home all the time is boring. It’s the antithesis of fun.

Pie: That’s why we wanted to make a blog to talk about all of the things you can do to help make your POTS life easier and more enjoyable.

Teddy: There are plenty of other blogs who go into great detail of the struggles of POTS but we wanted to avoid that by using our natural optimism and charm : )

Pie: Not that we’re biassed of course. Oh, and if you are wondering if truly this is only one person writing a blog, and pretending to talk back in forth, TRUST me there are two of us. TWO people :] I promise, we are a little crazy but we try  to avoid talking to ourselves over the internet.

Teddy: Since this is an introduction into our lives here are a few of our sym-


Teddy:   …….. ?    INGENIOUS!!

Teddy & Pie :

Lightheadedness,          extreme fatigue, chest pain and discomfort, headaches, trembling, nausea,

muscle weakness, exercise intolerance, sleep disorders, chills, a weak immune system, overheating, depression 

flushing, anxiety, brain fog, feverish, and love of cheese    

Pie: That’s quite a list isn’t it?

Teddy: I know you’re all so jealous of our superiority.

Teddy & Pie: For the rest of our posts we will generally be sharing little things that make us happy throughout the day. This could be anything from a disney movie to a fantastic ice cream flavor. Because we’re going through the same things you are. Plus, everyone needs something to make them smile, even if they’re not sick.


TeDdY aNd pIe