Get Better Soon!

Right oh, so Pie is sick with a tummy bug.

Thus, this post is dedicated to make her feel better (and hopefully any of you who are having a sick day)

So to start off with our favorite quote,

Hahaah, if this doesn’t make you laugh, then you have no soul. Well, thats an overstatement. But it happens to be a true one 😀

The next video is a song that Pie and I cannot get out of our heads, and Pie’s favorite anime: LoveCom! It is sincerely adorable and funny.  Plus it’s a fairly new pairing video so I don’t think she’s seen it yet. Otani (the guy below) is the love of her life. So I think this will make her happy.

Ok, and here is what should be a picture of our cat. She has no brains. At all. But we think she is SO unintelligent… that it’s a ploy to gain our trust. So logically following that point, she must be a spy.

albeit a stupid spy. Sorry for insulting your cat Pie, but you know it’s true.
And now something that totally just made me tear up at my keyboard. Which makes sense because this chapter of Harry Potter made me cry too. They did a bang up job in the movie, and this youtuber brought all the scenes together.
Well Pie, if all of this doesn’t make you smile and feel better, I don’t know what will.
But being sick really is all your fault anyways. Yup. You heard me. This is what you get for eating eggplant parmesan without me. So there.
Now that we’ve got that settled, go lie on the couch and watch gilmore girls. Since I know you’re doing that anyways 😛 Lots of love, and feel better soon! And when you do feel better, read the Hunger Games. Seriously. I didn’t buy them just ‘cuz they look pretty. Well, actually…. they do have nice covers. I guess I’ll just call you now. Before you leave a disgruntled message on my voicemail in regards to my neglect.

Pots, Pans, and Spoons

Hey! Pie in the house.  Now I am to blame for this late post since it’s been…too long! I have a pretty good excuse. As far as excuses go. If you are one of those people who don’t like excuses please skip a few lines. I have been so busy because I had a tennis tournament this weekend and….wait for it…I GOT 3rd PLACE! Now I am tooting my own horn and I am very aware this could be considered bragging (since it is). But I am proud of myself (way to be self centered Pie!) I have POTS and I still got third…process that…if you have a chronic illness you can still achieve your goals. I know it’s not first but what’s more important is it isn’t last. It’s just going to be harder and it will take more endurance and patience. I am not really sure what this post is going to be about so please bear with me. I had to lie down for three hours after I played, POTS comes with taxes and spoons. If you haven’t heard of the spoon theory please check out this link.

It is so amazing how this girl wrote down what I have been struggling to verbally explain for years. Being ill you and I are given less spoons…less free passes…less ability to do simple things…less energy…less slacking. We know that we don’t have many spoons but we live our life thanking the stars (or depending on your beliefs, thanking God ❤ ) for what we have. Life is so good, but life is so hard. When I was little I had so much energy that I remember at once I ran around the entire house over and over. Now I am thankful to have enough to have the energy (or spoons) to run around a tennis court. The new Florence + The Machines album came out and I am in love! Teddy sent it to me via skype and my ears are in heaven. If you sleep as much as I do you need some good tunes. “There’s nothing to do here some just lie and complain in bed at the hospital. Coming and going asleep and awake, In bed at the hospital.” That is one of my favorites… yes it is depressing but most peoples’ favorite songs have a quality that means something to them personally. You can guess why Teddy and I like this song I am sure! Being aware but too tired to act, getting excited but having no energy to show it, feeling electric but unable to move your body. Well for one thing being sick makes you mentally strong! What do you do when you are sick?

I love watching Gilmore Girls when I am sick. My Mom bought it for Teddy and I a few Christmas’s ago and I have seen every episode many many many times. It makes me so happy to watch it! I get peppermint tea with honey and some cheese and crackers and press play.

Happy Pie ❤ If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls I am worried for your well being! If you are a boy, girl, mother, father, or grandparent it is so great to watch it has no boundary of age (unless you are 5…then please wait a few years). For some reason since I have been sick I always need a tv show to be interested in, and it needs to be one that is mindless. I don’t know if it is just me? I have gone from Survivor to Project Runway to Endurance to America’s Next Top Model to Sonny with a Chance. I understand I have a problem. One thing that I love to do that doesn’t involve electronics is tennis. I totally understand that some of us are too sick to do sports but in time if you build up what your body can do. For years I couldn’t play tennis but about three or four years ago I started playing all year round.

It has helped me so much. The doctors tell Teddy and I exercise is KEY! Naturally we are thinking you’ve got to be kidding me! Some days getting up and walking is an achievement. It seems a bit cruel that we have to run to feel better when we are too dizzy to stand on our worst days. But that’s just irony isn’t it? Doing exercise in a more creative way makes it a lot easier! For me I would much rather play a tennis match then run on the treadmill or elliptical for the same period of time. Taking a run in a park could float your boat more than running on a treadmill. Or even going swimming? What about lifting weights? Riding your old bike (you might want to consider putting air in the tires though). Change it up! Try to keep yourself interested. It’s hard to exercise when you feel like you could die of boredom. Teddy gets really great TV shows to watch while she works out and marvelous CDs to listen to while she runs. I get bored so easily when it comes to exercising, I am very hard to please. You wouldn’t want to eat the same food for every meal, so don’t do the same things for exercise. This applies to your week as well. Try to put things inside your week to keep you interested in LIFE! It’s crazy how a visit from a friend or buying a new book can light up your week. No, it’s not much but it’s not nothing.

Happiness is key! Happy happy happy! Have you ever heard the song Shiny Happy People Holding Hands?

You don’t have to thank me….you are so welcome. I know your life is now complete thanks to me. On that shiny HAPPY note filled with people laughing I think I will end this post. I hope you enjoyed my wandering thought process. I wish you a wonderful day of happiness and good fortune ( I am not a fortune cookie ).

One time my fortune cookie told me I was a liar…what kind of fortune is that?!? It said I am not naturally honest but I am sometimes by chance. I haven’t lied recklessly since I was 5! I guess I am a liar…if the fortune said so….but I could be lying about the fortune what if there WASN’T a fortune…then I would still be a liar….but seriously where would I come up with that fortune…I am not that original…in the end it is up to you… maybe I made up POTS or pits or whatever it is called now a days! Have a wonderful day ❤



P.S. I hope you all had an amazing Easter ❤