Studying Sprouts

Teddy: Hello Everybody! Well, here in University-ville, it’s midterm season. This involves a campus devoid of student life (because everyone is in the library) and a sudden spike in that likealittle website (since everyone is bored out of their minds). So… with a Biology 221 midterm, English midterm, History test, and two papers, my new favorite game has been how to not fall asleep. That is easier said that done, so I made a short list of things NOT to do, in order to stay awake.


1. Listening to Iron & Wine. Or the Swell Season. Or any other soft music that I enjoy.

2. Reading French Literature. I don’t care how good it is. It is conducive to zonking out.

3.Re-create pebble games that died out in the Mesolithic Era. This was for archaeology. I decided to become an anthropological Sherlock Holmes with no prior training. My friends have been asking me to shut up about the pebbles for days. May this be a warning.

So I know what you’re thinking, I’ve just banned you from doing all of your daily plans in one fell swoop. Not so, dear readers, not so. For, I, beneficiary that I am, have been busy. Busy doing domestic-like things. It is an odd part of college that you actually have to * gasp* pick up yourself. Most people hate it, but I think the German in me has decided to manifest itself in a love of tidiness. I didn’t ike this when sharing a room with Pie. I would like to take the time now to apologize for my wordiness and long winded sentences. It happens when I’m sleep deprived and have been studying for days. I’m working on rectifying this. Honest.

*Clears throat* Anyways, in order to study for the long hours necessary for my classes I needed to create a good working environment. This advice is mostly for college students out there, but certain aspects can be used for our dear high school compatriots : ) So first off, clean your desk. And room. I can’t study unless my space is clean, so it’s a good idea to use a free Saturday morning before test week to clean. Do not stop until your desk looks like this:

Yes, my preferred method of cleaning books is stacking. It annoys my poor mother to no end. But look how much room you have in FRONT of the books! Next, I sweep the floor. I prefer studying on the floor so my papers can have the space they require, and the dust bunnies are not very helpful. Or sanitary. Unless they look like this.

Then they’re adorable! But my dust bunnies do not look like that, so they must be banished. Sweeping takes the longest because you have to stay upright for so long. I always get a bit dizzy, so give yourself plenty of time.

Now that your room is neat and pristine, I like to advocate plants and flowers! My personal goal is to have a house like the one features in Utada’s music video “Baby Come Back to Me”. She’s gorgeous and her outfits are worth watching by themselves, but the PLANTS! *teddy swoon* I love gardening, but having that many plants in a dorm room simply isn’t feasible. At least not now. Give me time. So, to brighten up my room, I planted a bunch of paper-white bulbs. They’re daffodils and smell lovely. They’re ridiculously easy to grow too, just stick them in a pot of water and pretty pebbles and put it in a window! Pie is a potter, so she let me have some of her old pots. First they look like this,

Then, give them about a month,

And finally, these darling little blossoms come out!

It’s in the narcissus family, and I could go into the Greek myth about it, but I won’t bore you with that. I have about three pots of these scattered about my room. They’re the perfect spring time flower! I also have an orchid that is currently re-blooming in a scandalous shade of pink, so my room is rather cheery. Gardening helps me cope with stress, and I advocate it strongly. Orchids are a little complicated and expensive if you’re not accustomed to growing things, so I don’t recommend them for beginners. Paperwhites are cheap and easy to grow. You can get them at any nursery in the spring time! You might be thinking, “I’m sick and stressed out of my mind, why would I want to take on another responsibility?” It’s a valid question. But, they’re very similar to my journal, Bleddyn. They give me a little joy throughout the day, something everyone needs and deserves. Some other good beginning plants are succulents, since they don’t need watering every day. I prefer the ones that do though, it gives me a routine I can stick to. Legumes are fun to grow as seedlings, they have these adorable little curly tips. Hmm, that might be my next plant!

Pretty cute, eh? I think that I might have to hunt down an old tea pot…

I will not go into the mundane world of studying methods. I just finished midterms and I don’t fancy reliving them. But, for those of you still in the thick of it, carry on! You will be victorious. In the end. I’m off on spring break and going home! Ah, what a blessed word! Back to gardening with dad (time to plant the vegetables!), reading in the haystack, and of course curling up with Pie, accompanied by a good movie and some tea. Perhaps, we will manage to do a joint project or two while I’m home! You never know : )

Be well!