Disney Crossover: Our New Found Obsession

Teddy&Pie: One of our (many) favorite things to do when we are together is to watch Disney movies. Sadly we can’t always watch a full length movie. This is where our love for Disney crossovers was born. Pie randomly was on Youtube and stumbled upon a GOLD MINE of Disney goodness. Now you are thinking ‘what is a Disney crossover?’ That’s what we are here for, to enlighten you with our vast knowledge. A Disney crossover is a music video, one that pairs up two characters from separate movies. Usually they are in love (which we like) but they don’t have to be. We have spent hours of searching and viewing these videos to bring you the very best of our finds. (I know, how great are we?) .

1.    In this video, they included a bunch of crossovers. This is a great demonstration of how seamlessly the creators can combine their characters and movies. It’s like watching an entirely new movie, with characters you (because you’re awesome) already love.


Teddy: Please excuse Pie… she kissed the cat and now is suffering from a hairball. Love kills…. we will be back momentarily 😀 In the meantime, please enjoy the video (Oh, hint, if your computer is half as slow as ours is, you might want to load half a dozen of these videos in different tabs)


2. This video is adorable! Jasmine is in love with Tulio but he is a playboy :[ It’s a GORGEOUS cover of “Use Somebody” (Pie has been singing this song non-stop for WEEKS-Teddy) In all seriousness, the video is splendid. The scenes look like they’ve always belonged together, and the artistry matches very well. So, we’ll shut up and let you watch it 😀


3. So… this is Teddy’s FAVORITE music video. No idea how Neriede put it together. This is centered around Jim Hawkins (from Treasure Planet (voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and thus the love of Teddy’s life)) and Kayley (from Quest for Camelot). Jim works on Kayley’s farm and obviously has a thing for her, while she appears madly in love with Garrett, at first. *du du DUH (dramatic music) Anyways, as she is preparing for her wedding, something happens ❤ This is (arguably) the best put together. There are some sequences that will blow you away.


4. On a more scandalously entertaining note, this video never fails to make us laugh and dance. Because HELLO Hercules as bad boy? It’s hilarious. We apologize ahead of time for the occasional curse word and strange joke about Helen Keller. But if you look past that, it’s very good. Crisnuncajamas has a lot of great videos (Teddy the music snob can’t always handle so much popular music and had converted Pie to the same trait). But no matter what you’re taste in music is, this video is a hit.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtpfdeVY8jg

5. This is probably Pie’s absolute favorite video. It’s a romantic story about how a historian (Milo from Atlantis) falls in love with Anastasia by reading her diary. Josh Groban’s mezmorizing (smexy) voice makes our hearts melt.


6. *sobs this shouldn’t even make the list because it’s so sad! But it’s one of those strange sad feelings that also makes you happy, its like an emotional high. This story goes through a couple different periods of Jane’s (from Tarzan) life. The first, when she is best friends and in love with Cody (from Adventurers Down Under). It flashes forward to the life they could of had together, but didn’t, because he was kidnapped and killed by bandits. She is spared but she is haunted by seeing him everywhere. She spends the rest of her days waiting (still in love) for her best friend to come back to her.


7. This video is very cute, it’s a mash up of lots of little kids who grow up to fall in love with their best friends. ADORABLENESS OVERLOAD!


8. On a bit more serious note, this video is action packed, well made, and will keep you on your toes. The plot is well developed and easy to follow along to. It’s a story not a romance. ENJOY!!


9. Tinkerbell always seems to be getting in trouble (don’t you think?) In this story she is in love with Peterpan (seriously who isn’t?) but Peter is quite the stud muffin when it comes to the ladies. Tinkerbell can’t seem to get his attention and complains to the witch fairy. The witch turns Peter into a (supermegafoxyawesomehot) fairy (Cornelius from Thumbelina). As you can imagine Peter is less than thrilled about this new change (understatement of the century)


10. AHHH the playboy Tulio (from El Dorado) is cheating on Megara (from Hecules) what a meany face! But Miguel also has his eyes on Meg. It’s a delightful…love triangle….square…. geometric figure…and it can only end in tragedy! Enjoy 😀


Teddy&Pie: This concludes our long list of favorite Disney Crossovers. There are so many more that we couldn’t fit into one post. You should definitely check more of them out on youtube. Thank-you to the talented video makers who unknowingly made us very happy. If you find some more great videos share them with us in a comment! We would tickled pink if you enjoyed these as much as we do. Okay, so we have two more Disney Crossover pictures that don’t have a video to go with them but they are so ADORABLE we have to show them to you!


Thanks for watching ❤