Magazine Art

Pie:My dear reader 🙂 I hope you are having a marvelous Thanksgiving. I’ve been wanting to make this post for quite some time now. This obsession started for me a few years ago when my friend left a teen magazine at my house and said I could keep it. I don’t think she realized how I read magazines. As you know, or may not know I love art. So, when I see a magazine filled to the brim with celebrities I only see faces that are begging to be colored.  I had to obey. Their faces just needed to meet the tip of my sharpie pen and have a little  fun. The possibilities are endless and I assure you, it’s wicked fun. Grab a silly magazine filled to the brim with Hollywood and get out your sharpies and enjoy! You ready for some of my own creations? I warn you…there are a lot of Justin Bieber pictures….I don’t share the world’s fascination but this magazine dedicated a lot of pages to him….

 It is up to you! What do you see in their perfectly photoshopped faces? With a little bit of ink you can turn a normal teenie bopper singer into a grand duchess! Teddy added the hat. Isn’t it a nice touch?

As far as Zac Efron is concerned, in this picture he looked so suspicious. I knew at once he was a death eater. Can’t you just see it? He is standing next to Voldemort and they are showing off their tattoos with great pride. I can see it in the headlines “The Once Sweet Troy Bolton From High School Musical Turns To The Dark Side”

Vanessa is probably Bellatrix Lestrange. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t like her!!

I honestly have no clue who this strange little strawberry man is. Teddy made him into an apple and I added the highly fanciful beard. In actuality, it doesn’t matter who he is. I believe we have changed him for the better. I mean look at him! How many apple headed studs have you met?

Sometimes it’s not about making a celebrity looks absolutely ridiculous. You have the power to add their makeup and alter their clothes to your own pleasure. Go with the flow, if you ruin a picture who cares! Turn the next page and start on someone else. Be as artistic or as crazy as you want 🙂

Haha I don’t even know what to say. They had SO MANY JUSTIN BIEBERS! I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY! I have so many I don’t have room to put them all in this post. Be warned….a flood of Bieber is coming up. I can’t stop this madness.

This is one of my favorite pictures I have colored on. I wouldn’t put it past him to become King. He has hypnotized so many teenagers! He Just (IN) Can’t Wait To Be KING! It’s going to happen. This one makes me laugh! I have way too much fun with these magazines (don’t judge me!).

Are you getting inspired yet? Do you have the sudden urge to gather all of your sharpies and highlighters and just have a hay day? You can do it. I believe in you. Embrace this….”special” creative experience. Teddy and I used to make it into a game. We would keep the magazine and markers in the bathroom (okay I understand how that sounds weird but don’t deny the wonders of the bathroom!  You can read, journal, and draw on magazines in there) Whenever we would use the POTTY we would draw on a different page. It’s really hilarious! I would open up a page and just burst out laughing at what Teddy had created. For the most part I colored most of these magazines but she would draw too. Don’t worry I will let you know which ones are hers 🙂

This is Jimmy Neutron and Joe Jonas’ love child. I didn’t need to touch the bike with my pen….Its weirdness doesn’t need any help. Why does he have streamers and a skull on this handlebars? I do not think I will ever understand this bizarre bike.

Does this picture need any explaining? Hmmm….I’m sorry if it is hard to read 😦 The bottom part says “Yes, Harry’s got a scary scar but now he’s struggling to be respected.” Bahaha 🙂

Do I have any Very Potter Musical fans out there? Teddy and I even dedicated an entire post to this brilliant musical. It is completely worth watching!  If you haven’t seen it….you can watch it right now on youtube
If you are bored it will cure you and make you happy forever. Yeah I said forever, it is just that awesome! It is going to be totally awesome!

This picture is even better in person! My camera didn’t pick up all of the details 😦 But! I think you get the idea? It is a boss Zefron poster! Oh goodness I have no many Very Potter Musical quotes in this!

Isn’t the picture above attractive? Teddy made it. To be honest, it scares me.

There you have it! My computer is mad at me for uploading so many pictures but you know what? It was totally worth it! I hope this post inspires you to do creative things while on the potty too. Trust me, it is so much fun to draw in magazines. I probably get too much entertainment from this strange hobby. Teddy and I always say that our blog is about sharing things that make us laugh and feel better and that is exactly what magazine art does! I wouldn’t be surprised if it cures us all for good! Stranger things have happened. This post doesn’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving…. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, friends, cats, dogs, and food. Eat lots of food and tofurkey! Until we meet again ❤ Happy Thanksgiving my dear reader.


(pumpkin) Pie


Dandelion Wishes

Text message of the day

Teddy: How am I? Tired. Jeez, maybe I have a chronic illness or something.

Pie: A chronic illness? Nah, only awesome people get those.

Teddy: Cheers guys!

Ok, so todays post I just wanted to write about things that make me smile no matter what, even if they’re a little foolish and childish.

First on the list is dandelion seeds. Every time I go on a run I find one of these suckers and make a wish. Yeah, usually I wish for the same thing, but it’s also really, really fun to do : ) It’s funny, because there’s this huge fine on our campus for picking flowers, I wonder if next year there will also be a fine for spreading weeds. My dad (who is an exceptionally nice guy) would beg and cajole Pie and I to not blow them all over his lawn. I now sympathize, weeds are a pain in the neck. Except for dandelions. They’re magic.  

There’s always that song that makes you think of happiness, well this is mine. It’s short, only 48 seconds long. But it’s perfect, and it makes me think of hopeful things. It’s not my favorite song, or even band. But it’s special, so I hope you’ll appreciate it. It’s like the modern day version of “Air on a G String”. Try listening to that on a beautifully starry night, you will never think of classical music the same way again.

“Post Cards from Far Away” by Coldplay

This one is a bit more odd. I’m not sure if you have figured this out about me yet, but I love plants. Like, more than is good for me. My friends constantly tease me as they drag me away from plant booths at the local farmers market. But some plants are just more darling than others, and the pea plant is the cutest of all. The elegant tendrils and inquisitive leaves just seem so charming! I’m growing some now in a teapot in my room. I’ll have to upload a picture at some point, these online photos do not do my peas justice.

Ok, this one is a bit more universal. But only marginally mind you. Trains. Not their mechanics, or destinations. Just the fact that to me they represent adventure and excitement. The first time I went on one was a night train to London, and I didn’t sleep all night because I kept waking up thinking “I’m on a train!” In stories, all the exciting things happen on trains. In Harry Potter, Platform 9 and 3/4 would be bustling with magic, owls, and scarcely concealed wizards. In Agatha Christie mysteries, someone is bound to get themself murdered, and it’s up to you to solve it. It’s also a terrible cd by my once favorite band Keane, but that memory rather sullies the magic of trains.

Moving right along to something really tasty, pomegranates! I bought a huge one at the market this weekend and it makes the most perfect snack. Plus, It’s given me something pretty to look at since I’ve been stuck in bed. I feel like pomegranate seeds are more beautiful than any ruby alive, don’t you agree?

I can totally see why Persephone ate a few when Hades offered her some. They might actually be worth a stint in the underworld for. But only maybe.

Kindof alongside the plant thing, new growth makes me smile. A new leaf, gently unfurling is just so delicate and already perfectly formed.

That being said, it was really difficult to find a proper picture of it, so I wonder if most people miss it. I find that hard to believe, because every time I see something as beautiful as this, it reaffirms the existence of God for me.

Buds do it too. They’re just so swollen with innocence and the promise of new life. They’re incredibly hopeful, especially when I’ve fertilized the heck out of my orchids to get to them to bloom 😛

Mushrooms are just adorable (contrary to what Pie believes). I mean honestly, who can look at this and not grin?

But everyone has to have something like this. Some little aspect of their life they love beyond all words. Or something that fills you with wonder, like when you are swimming and suddenly look up to the world above. Those sorts of things. C.S. Lewis describes it really really well in “Surprised by Joy” he describing the same emotion that I have here, “I call it Joy, which is here a technical term and must be sharply distinguished from happiness and pleasure. Joy (in my sense) has indeed one characteristic, and one only, in common with them, the fact that anyone who has experienced it will want it again… I doubt anyone who has tasted it would ever, if bother were in his power, exchange it for all the pleasures in the world. But then Joy is never in our power and pleasure often is.”

I cannot summarize it any better. So I hope you find Joy this week, even if it’s fraught with other, less lovely feelings. And please, share with me what makes you feel Joy! Ok? Even foolish things, like dresses and the smell of rain. So I would love to hear from you, because focusing on these things are just as important as our medical jargon.

Be Well!


Just Gonna Paint

Pie: Woah! It’s been forever since we have last had a nice catch up! My apologies, school can be a huge distraction. I’m already half way done with my first quarter! Insanity, actually for a few weeks I thought I was going mad because of the crazy homework load. This has been one of my normal POTS sick days. It’s when I wake up feeling a bit “off” then I proceed with my morning schedule, eating, brushing my teeth getting dressed doing chores etc. When this happens I am normally am about to head out the door  for school and I realize I have no energy to leave my house, let alone drive the small distance of 12 minutes. You know what I am talking about. When you are too sick to even to a simple task because your body is telling you it can’t do it. Well, this is what my morning has felt like. I’ve had this weird little virus all week. I missed two days of school last week and three days this week. But that’s what life is life in the shoes of POTS. That’s why Teddy and I are here. We want to be able to help your bummer chick days (or bummer dude days). So are you going to go and TAKE A NAP?!?! (probably…) Are you going to WATCH TV?!?!? (ummm yes?) ARE YOU GOING TO BE SATISFIED WITH DOING NOTHING ALL DAY?!?!? (well…actually yeah I will because I’m sick.). So get into your most comfy pair of P.J.’s the ones with pooh bear on them and I am going to tell you what I do when I am sick.

Okay so I’ve been painting for a couple summers but not well at all! Teddy thought my strawberries were carrots. I realized why I had a hard time with it finally. In my classes we were always painting still lives or pictures of scenery. When I tried painting a person I realized what I had been missing! I was having a really had week POTS wise and school wise so I started off with painting a Lady Gaga painting. I was really excited about how it turned out. I liked someone’s painting of this particular picture and I changed the color scene. Here’s a picture of my finished product 🙂

I watched a youtuber’s painting video and got completely inspired.

This painter is amazing! She inspired me to paint like her. I’m totally impressed with her talent.

After that painting I painting the album cover of Florence + The Machine. If you haven’t heard of her please look a song up. Trust me, she is worth it! I love her sound and her songs are so interesting (in a good way! They make you listen to every lyric). I painted her album called Lungs. Here is a picture of it all done.

I felt so much better! No kidding! I felt so inspired and I felt like I was doing something worth while for myself. So instead of looking back and feeling sorry for myself I have two beautiful paintings that represent the time I had once lost and the time I had managed to save. With POTS you lose a lot of time. I always feel like time slips through my fingers. Where does it go? It goes into my memory as the days I don’t really remember. Actually that’s a lie, I remember them. But they are all the same. A day on repeat that gets lost in translation. What do you do for fun? (think on that, but it can’t require too much energy sorry babe! You don’t have energy to waste). Do you sew, read, paint, sing, write stories, write poems, draw, write songs, film movies, scrapbook, exercise (beware requires lots of energy), knit, bake, take photographs, garden, make jewelry, cook, or ride horses? Some of the activities on this list require way too much energy for us so my apologies but I thought I would throw them out there anyway ( because I am evil ). I do list rambling lists off don’t I? If you are too sick to do any of the above that’s okay too. Set a goal for yourself, when you feel better make sure to fill your days with something creative or enjoyable that doesn’t necessarily include a TV screen. Don’t get me wrong on my worst days TV is a lifesaver. But when TV is compared to something I love to do like tennis, painting or jewelry its clear that TV doesn’t hold a candle to my other hobbies. So what do you do on your worst days? Teddy and I would love to know if you have any other things to add to our list. Don’t be shy. We aren’t creepers, well I am, but Teddy isn’t.

I’ve been painting and reading The Hunger Games. It is a frickin’ fantastic BOOK! AMAZING! I am so mesmerized by it. When I read it, I leave my sick body and I open my eyes and become Katniss Everdeen. It’s a very powerful book. It is very rare to find a book that mentally challenges you. Reading does make me tired but with a book like this, I believe it is well worth the fatigue. I think Teddy and I could dedicate an entire post on the books brilliance. You never know we might! We have that power!

But I guess my point in this post is that we have power. Power to change what we can in our lives. I want to make my life filled with wonderful memories. I don’t want to pollute my memories with these sick days. So this is a challenge for you too! What makes you happy? What makes your troubles disappear briefly? I’ll let you think about that.  As always thanks for reading. Be well and be happy ❤


A Potful of College tools

Hey! It’s college season and some of you are headed off. So bully for you! (Erm, this is Teddy by the way…again)

Last year I headed off to school terrified out of my orthostatic wits. It wasn’t for lack of resources or family support, but it was tough. Before I became ill I had high hopes for college. I wanted to go on the East Coast and attend a top tier school. Didn’t happen. I got in, but I ended up being too sick to fly cross country constantly, plus having POTS in an extreme climate is bad news bears. So I went to a place that is pretty consistent weather-wise and we hoped for the best. Something must have worked because I’m going back for my 2nd year.

A few things to keep in mind in mind before you go:

-College is the best thing for your mental health (fun and intellectual stimulation)

-It’s a jet start for your social life

-Don’t Panic (Anyone notice the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference?)

1. You don’t have to graduate in 4 years. Health stuff can screw it up, no matter how hardworking you are. So don’t sweat it.

2. People will be willing to help you. Believe me. You will be ok.

So before you head off to Hogwarts, there are a few things you should arrange first.

1. Contact the Disability service. POTS is a legitimate physical disability (despite how hard we fight against it) and they’re a great resource. A word of caution, give them unquestionable proof from your doctor, and a list of accomodations that you need. Some good ones are making sure the teachers know about what you have (they have to keep it a secret, and treat you just the same) so if you get sick that they can cut you some slack. The Disabilities service can also get you a room on the first floor near the main campus. It will be a lifesend on sick days and when you can’t deal with stairs.

2. Get a single room. NO this won’t inhibit your social life. NO it isn’t isolating you from others. It is NECESSARY. I fought against mine for all it was worth, but it was the main reason I could finish the year. Plus, a month in (when everyone else is sick of their rommates) they’ll flock to your room. My room didn’t have any floor space during exams because my friends would take it over to study.

Ok, now I know you are furtively looking through Target and websites trying to find sheets for an “extra long” bed. Secret? It’s not any longer. Honest. At least at my school. Get the sheets you want, and not the boring cotton ones you find when you’re at your wits end.

I realized there were a bunch of things like that. Things that you don’t know until you have already made the mistakes. So when a dear friend of mine was going off to college this fall, I compiled a list for her. I’ve expanded it for those of us with POTS, so here it is!  I tried to avoid the obvious things. Something tells me you won’t leave home without a toothbrush. So I know I’m giving you a lot of credit here, but I suspect you can live up to it : )

1. Minimum of 5 posters (nothings is sadder than a white wall)
2. Two microwave safe thermoses.
3. Triscuits/Wheat thins (salty snacks galore!)
4. Two sets of headphones (one always breaks a month in)
5. Ear Plugs (or there will be no sleeping until 2 in the morning in the dorms)
6. Puffs Kleenex with Lotion (colds run rampant)
7. a throw blanket (I got mine at pottery barn and I live in it. This is especially important on sick days where your body is cold intolerant)

8. Extra printers ink
9. Blank CDs (the new college currency)
10. Popcorn
11. Ramen (for those days you can’t make it to the cafeteria)
12. Tacky (for hanging up posters, pictures, syllabuses, etc.)
13. Extra body lotion/make up (it gets used up freakishly fast)
14. Dish soap
15. Utensils and a bowl or two

16. Sponges
17. Laundry bag, detergent, dryer sheets
18. A little black dress (something will always come up and you will need it)
19. Nail polish and nail polish remover
20. Granola bars (you will live off these on mornings with early classes)
21. Peanut butter and/or Nutella
22. A Brita or other water filtration device (the sink water usually tastes terrible)
23. Gatorade powder packets/pedialyte powder packets

24. Medical records for the disability office/university infirmary

 25. A couple novels/Sims 3/gameboy games for your bad days

Well, that is my current list. The rest is really up to your current taste. For example, I keep lots of tea, all my Harry Potter books, and plants in my room. Some people do not feel complete without a closet worth of shoes and a wall of pictures. Just bring what you need (and whatever I tell you to 😛 Have faith in master Teddy, I will not lead you astray!)

Most of all, I wish you luck. Going away is especially difficult for us because of all the care we need. You will be faced with tough problems, like how to tell someone you’re sick and if anyone needs to know. I decided to be very open about it, because then people would stop asking me why I avoided stairs, went to bed early, etc. You have a heart problem, end of story. It’s not a big deal. What IS a big deal is that you’re about to go off on an enormous adventure!

But a post would not be complete without something fun. I can think of nothing more so than decorating a dorm room : ) Pie and I spent the summer going to antique stores and craft stores. We cut up a book of new age-y pictures and made a collage. My dear friend at school and I are having a modge podge day soon to decorate our notebooks. (If you don’t know about modge podge, go get some! It flattens paper into collages and makes them stick together with a shiny glow) I brought some glass jars to put loose leaf tea in and lanterns for night lights. It gives my room a really outdoorsy feel. I found a really cool blog about a stay at home mom that makes nature-y crafts that would look AWESOME in a dorm room. I think I’ll try to wax some maple leaves and hang them up.

A dorm room project I just did was to take a bunch of clothespins and hang up pictures of my friends and family. It always gives me a glad feeling to see my favorite people smiling at me. Plus it makes me look like I’m artistic, which I assure you is not the case!

Be well,


Go Hug A Cat For Goodness Sakes!

SPRING  BREAK! Do you realize how amazing that is? Oh goodness I think if I had to live through another day of school I would turn into a puddle of Pie. Let me tell you Pies in puddle form are not as sweet (pudding is different). Now I am guessing you have seen Teddy’s sexy compression socks? They’re are insanely tight, I tried them on and almost died…..I hate socks…..when I was little I would cry whenever my Mom would put them on me. One thing I do to make me happy is to paint my nails. I don’t settle for ten fingers all one shade of a stereotypical red OH NO I paint them all different colors. Why? Because it makes me happy!! Every two weeks or so I sit in on my bathroom floor, listen to my ipod and paint my nails. I started doing this a couple months ago after I was having a truly awful day. I saw someone who had different shades of a color on her nails and I really liked how it looked. Now I look down and see a rainbow of colors ❤ I am honestly quite bad at painting my nails hand me a canvas or a boring wooden box and I will paint just fine.

When it comes to actually coloring (or painting) inside the lines it’s never good. Since I have been sick for 6 years… I have found many a ways to keep my creative side active. Birthdays and holidays come up all the time in life and personally it’s hard for me to think of good gifts…so I end up making them. One present I love to make is a painted wooden box. You can get really low priced boxes at art shops. I paint them on the outside with any color that pleases me. On the inside of the lid I glue stickers of things that remind me of the person.  I use a brush called a scruffy brush it creates a spongy texture to the box. I use plain ol’ acrylic paint and add sparkles if I am in the mood for pixie dust. The bottom of the inside can be a bit dull so I spruce it up with some felt (felt is just a cheap thick fabric). I have made the mistake of using a hot glue gun to glue the felt on and let me tell you…it isn’t called hot because it’s good looking.

I am surprised I still have thumbprints after using it. I know someday I will burn my thumb and the glue will mold my fingerprint into saying ha ha ha whose hot now? Sadly hot glue seems to be one of the best glues ever, that’s why it is called hot.  If someone says that’s hot you just say what like glue? It’s about time the world knew the real definition of the word “hot”. Yes, yes but back to my art projectos! I don’t only make boxes I have found many strange ways to be creative. I made Teddy this AWESOME poster (it’s giant) it is covered with our favorite movies/tv shows/ books pictures and then I have all of our favorite quotes scattered across it. I am a huge fan of designer paper. I buy these big books filled with paper with designs all over it. They are beautiful. What I really like about the paper is that I can use it for so many different things. When I have a project due in school I tend to use the really nice paper because it looks like I put a bigger effort into making it.

High school teachers love to make their students do strange projects like short stories about rats stranded on an island! I am not even kidding…in high school I wrote a story about the adaptations of rats…..on a desert island…my life can only go up hill from there right? Back to Teddy, in college her dorm door was (a snore) it had this boring sign that said her name on it and where she came from….so I got my designer paper out and made her a new one. Mine is way better. It is sparkly and perdy. I bought all of the stickers that have things in common with her life like the beach, books, tea, flowers, plants, reading, horses, cats etc and I put them on Velcro so she could rearrange them. Her name is in sparkly blue font and it is inside a mini frame. I was quite proud of my work. Another thing I love to do is make jewelry I do a lot of wire wrapping techniques. I make a lot of earrings but ironically I don’t have pierced ears.

I just love making them and seeing my friends and family member’s happy faces when they open them. That’s what I find amazing about art projects you can make someone something that they will love. How awesome is it to make something that you are proud of? For any person with a chronic illness ( or without a chronic illness! Or even a plain ol’ cold) it can be really hard to fill up your days with activities that don’t make you exhausted. On some hard days even lifting a paintbrush seems like climbing a mountain. So, take lots of breaks and pace yourself. It’s okay if you are too tired to go to the movies with a friend (it’s a bummer but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do) Instead of going to the movies maybe call them to keep up (that’s how I have kept my friends through all of these years) Or have them over to hangout for a short visit so you don’t crash the next day. Rent a great movie that you have been dying to see, take a nap in the sun, make a smoothie, practice cooking, PAINT, write a blog, sing, dance, yodel, watch funny youtube videos, call your friend, act, create a magnificent castle on sims, play dress up, take pictures, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, or talk to your cat (I am not even kidding TALK TO YOU’RE CAT! Why? Because sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Honestly your cat doesn’t care what you are talking about as long are you are talking to him.) This is you’re life and sadly you might come to the point where your fuzzy cat is the best you can do for the time being. Appreciate that cat and feed him well and give him snuggles!

Don’t let your days stay empty! Empty days can seem limitless while you are in the chronic black hole of nothingness. It can be as small as a cat but if it makes you happy then that is what matters in the end. Stay happy. Being happy will be your best medicine. You’re cat might think he is the best medicine…if you don’t have a cat you should go get one from the pound…and if you are allergic (like me) get one anyway ( I have three cats in case I am having a bad day and two are sleepy/grumpy, then I still have a cat to love). So, what you have learned in this blog post is to be happy, eat cheese (wait did I seriously forget to put that in the post??!?!?!?!), stay creative, and hug a cat..any cat will do as long as it resembles a cat…I am not sure if chihuahuas count. Be well and be happy 😀


Pie (not pudding)