Catching Colds

Hey hey my fellow friends! Today I am sick in bed with a cold and I was just thinking….it has been a while hasn’t it? So I wanted to touch base and say a proper hello! I am a Sophomore in college now (WOW PIE YOU ARE OLD) and I am a graphic design major. I am learning how to make art just with letters but let me tell you, that is no easy feat. My typography teacher(fancy name for art with different types of fonts and letters and words and stuff) well my teacher is super strict! Who knew there were so many rules when it comes to making graphic designs and posters. Let me tell you I am learning a lot but also trying to figure out how to make ugly words pretty.

My health has been really good lately, minus this week….because of my cold (hence the title). I had a pretty difficult semester last year, I had a crazy roommate. But now I am out! I have a new amazing roommate and I am incredibly happy. I am a happy happy little pie. I sometimes get sick when I pile too many things up in my life! Which is why I am sick currently.

This is my personal warning to you…oh wonderful fellow pots peeps, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. Simplifying is not a bad thing, it is actually a very good thing because It allows you to build up. Baby steps are what keep you and I healthy. Your body will always tell you when it is ready to take on more, but it may get angry if you take on too many things! Then you will have to cancel everything, and you will be sad and come back to me. As much as I love the idea of you wanting to read Teddy and my blog I would rather you be a happy reader instead of a sad reader.

Some random spammer sent a message to Teddy and I with a generic message saying that our blog has a lot of potential and blah blah blah __________ insert  vague comment here and they said we should be more popular. Which I totally agree but I also thought it was funny since the site it came from was the site of a robot! EWWW.

Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallons EW videos? If you haven’t please change that!

Teddy, my momma, my boyfriend, my roommate, and I all quote these videos non-stop. I can’t go a day without saying the word “EW” in a nasally tone just like Jimmy. So kick back, eat some salty popcorn, and watch EW video after EW video. You will not be sorry! But if you are sorry then I for one am not sorry! Because it is my life goal to show as many people as possible the wonders of EW.

Sorry this post is so random, I just suddenly decided I was too sick to go to my club tennis’ practice but not too sick to write. So my dear readers! I hope you enjoyed this sudden, random, and picture-less post! Until next time!



Let’s Go On A Run Playlist

Hey wonderful readers! Here is a quick workout post for ya ❤

Now that I have filled you in I wanted to write a post about my exercising habits. Boring? You know it! But I wanted to share such an exciting thing with you! Haha anyways…. I try to go on four (or more) runs a week and on the days I don’t run I take a long walk. My runs last an hour but I try to pace myself and I do walk intermittently too! I have always hated running! Don’t get me wrong I am in shape but I just get so bored from running. If you are not up to running yet that is totally fine! Don’t sweat it at all! The best way to run is to run/walk anyway (5 minutes running and then a 1 minute walk to rest). I have learned that I hated running so much because I didn’t know how to pace my body throughout the run. This summer I found the perfect route to take on my runs. I get 30-40 min of pure running and then I walk for 20 min. I am running farther and I am getting an amazing workout. Thankfully I don’t feel dead afterwards either.  I timed myself one day to see how long each of my running and walking segments are.

My running schedule:

10 minutes running

1 minute walking

10 minutes running

5 minutes walking

10 minutes running

4 minutes walking

5 minutes running

15 minutes of walking

This schedule really works for me! I start out running a lot and taking short little breaks and by the end I am getting longer breaks. It helps when you can focus on when you are getting a break. At the beginning of a run you will not necessarily need a break immediately. But by the end of the run it gets more difficult to keep going.

If you are not near this exercise point in your recovery that is totally FINE! It took me a long time to get to where I am now. I just want you to know that all of “this” (“this” being the crap POTS puts us though) can get better and it will. Exercise is key! Exercise every single day. If you can only go on a walk for 10 minutes that is great too! Your blood needs to get moving. It may take a while but you will get to the point where you can walk for 20 minutes and then 30 minutes and then maybe you will try running (Teddy just started running again! Go Teddy!). I know recovering in #1 on your list right? So exercise, eat salt, and drink TONS of water. I have the smallest bladder and I drink water constantly which means I also have to pee ALL THE TIME! Water is good for you! It is good for your skin, body, and POTS!

When you are preparing to workout give your body preparation time. Two hours before your exercise routine get in the right mindset. This is just acknowledging the presence of that dark cloud above you called exercise. I am getting ready for a run while I write this. Find a good time in the day for you to workout (workout= some form of cardio). For example, I have the most energy in the afternoon so I go on runs between 3-5. I wait a good two hours after I eat because I will be tired while my body is digesting. That is why it is good to eat small proportions of food. I want to say I drink around 5 large glasses of water before my runs (if not more). When I need a boost I will have some pedialyte or gatorade too. I know I am throwing a lot of advice at you so do with it what you will because you know your body better than anyone.

Like I said, I like working out in the afternoon but I can’t always do that. For example tomorrow let’s say I am working from 1pm-8pm I won’t possibly be able to fit in an afternoon run BUT much to my dismay I can fit in a run at 11. Plan your exercise a day in advance if you can. If that isn’t possible do not even worry about it! If you are busy all day then take a day off from working out. I recommend planning some sort of exercise for each day that way if you have a few yucky days you can take that day off.

Now you are thinking, “Pie this blog post says Let’s Go On A Run PLAYLIST so where are the songs?”. Well my dear reader you are completely right! I wanted to throw in a few tips (which turned into an avalanche of advice) and then show you my running playlist. If my run were a movie this would be it’s soundtrack. I normally go through playlists as often as my bladder needs the toilet. BUT I have made the ULTIMATE PIE RUNNING PLAYLIST! I don’t know how I did it honestly….one day I just put it together and I have been using it for months. You may not understand how monumental this is. I get bored of the same songs very quickly, just not these songs, thankfully. *looks at empty cup (time for more water)

So here we go!

1. She Is The Sunlight by Trading Yesterday

2. Big Black Car by Gregory Alan Isakov

3. Broken Stereo (Acoustic Version) by Sean Fournier

4. Merry Go ‘Round by Kacey Musgraves

5. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood ❤

6. Rooftop by Melissa McClelland

7. Terrible Love by Birdy

8. I’ll Never Forget You by Birdy

9. Cough Syrup by (I have the glee version lol sung by Darren Criss)

10. Hero by Regina Spektor ❤

11. One Of The Boys by Katy Perry

12. Flapper Girl by The Lumineers

13. Dead Sea by The Lumineers ❤

14. Bedouin Dress by Fleet Foxes

15. Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes ❤

16. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

17. Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons

18. Demons by Imagine Dragons

19. Nicest Thing by Kate Nash ❤

20. Every Few Days by Theo Katzman

21. White Picket Castle by Theo Katzman

22. Brooklyn by Theo Katzman

23. Country Bachroads by Theo Katzman ( He opened for Darren Criss’ concert!)

24. I’m Through by Ingrid Michaelson ❤

25. Ghosts (Demo) by Florence + The Machine ❤

26. Stop and Stare by OneRepublic

27. Dear John by Taylor Swift

28. Speechless by Lady GaGa

29. Six Feet Under by Jon Auer

30. More like Her Miranda Lambert

Workout time ❤


Daily Distraction: Welcome to Night Vale

My dear readers, 

this is perhaps, long overdue. As I was lying in bed this afternoon, too tired to read, talk, or do homework, I needed a distraction. This will not be a long post, as typing is a little laborious. I am predominately well, and Pie is extraordinarily well. She is thriving at her college, and misses blogging. She is living, and living abundantly. As I hope for all of you. I have many more good days than bad, but as you know, getting well doesn’t mean you don’t have bad days, just fewer of them. 

Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional radio show that is distributed as a free podcast on iTunes. It’s set in a little town in the South West where all fantasy, science fiction, and conspiracy theories are possible. It’s a little morbid, tongue in cheek, and soaked in the macabre. Above all, it’s whimsical and very restful. And the fandom is pretty exciting. I’m on the 10th episode and still enjoying it. If you need to be a little more intrigued, read this post and admire the pretty pictures:

“A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep…” Welcome To Night Vale, Episode One

The main reason I like it, is that it fits lying down in a dark room with a cup of tea, ever so perfectly. It’s distracting, his voice is melodious, and the music at the end of each podcast is a fun mixed bag. Plus, it’s witty and you don’t feel pandered to in your weakened state. So, go on iTunes and download them. I think you’ll find it enjoyable. Do you have any podcasts or distractions to recommend a tired Misses POTS? 

Be Well,