So… we manage to have awkward conversations rather regularly…

Teddy: Is the red toothbrush yours? Because I’ve accidentally used it a couple times.

Pie: *mouth drops in utter horror*

later that day

Pie: So, do you ever have the problem where you’re driving, and from far away you see a runner. And then you say to yourself, ‘man, look at the smexy runner!’ only to realize when you get closer that they’re like 75 years old?

Teddy: The problems we have living in an old person town.

and that night,

Teddy: wow, you have a really beautiful whistle

Pie: bwahahahaha *continues whistling rather self consciously

I don’t know how it happens, but I highly doubt our conversations would be considered acceptable in polite society. Kind of like when we take creeper photographs of our little kid friends when they’re asleep so we can blackmail them during Vacation Bible School. This is all hypothetical of course : )

Speaking of Vacation Bible School, we’re currently researching projects to decorate our room for VBS. Well, I’m supposed to be. I’m actually writing this. There are only so many ways to make a paper mache fish. Well, thats not true. You’d be alarmed with the amount of crafty stuff you can find online. Pinterest is particularly dangerous to a creative fiend like Pie. Eventually she just succumbed to drawing mass amounts of Dr. Seuss fish.

The one thing you don’t understand is that she looks at a picture and reproduces them PERFECTLY. It’s sickening. This random picture I got off the internet has got nothing on her. Regretfully, her talents are better spent drawing. I am left to cut them out, which results in MASSIVE hands cramps. I would like to kindly murder whoever drew his creatures. They have mass amounts of detail and are super spiky.

So this is what we have been up to lately. VBS, and dressing up like pirates/witches and wizards from Harry Potter for the youth events at the library. We volunteer and help out the librarians there. Pie and I have come to the conclusion that we have finally gotten to the point where we have no shame. I’m not entirely sure how long this has been going on, but having to walk through town fully dressed as a Harry Potter character so we could teach Hogwarts summer school sort of brought that home.

All summer, we’ve been doing everything together.  And then suddenly, she had to go back to school. Which means we have to keep in touch via pinterest and texting. She’s currently helping me dress up my dorm room for next semester. Well, we’ve always shared a room. So it seemed rather natural for me to text her at midnight with an awesome idea.

Teddy: Just had an idea as I was falling asleep. What if someone covered their ceiling with old scarves? They could have this cool, ripply, layered effect.

Pie: You should be asleep! Bad Teddy! It could be done right… but done incorrectly it could look like a whore’s room

Teddy: Where do you have all this information about whore’s bedrooms??! night.

Pie: I’ve seen movies ok? it’s not something I’m proud of.

Yes, that was verbatim. Maybe you won’t find it as funny, but it’s how we pass our time. Kind of like how when we drink our broth in the morning we say we’re going to our brothel.

My favorite facebook back and forth was when we were actually in the same room.

Teddy: um Pie? I forgot to tell you this, but I was accidentally on your facebook yesterday and clicked your new friend requests and ___ friended you

Pie: Thats weird. Why would he friend request me?

Teddy: Probably because when I was on your account yesterday I liked his comment.

Pie: But I’m not friends with him! How could I have liked his comment?

Teddy: I was liking my own status…

In case you haven’t noticed, Pie is really funny. So funny you that even when you’re mad as anything at her, she can make you laugh. Like just tonight, we were on the phone and she was narrating our our cockatiel’s love for me.

Cinnamon the cockatiel: *screams* I’M DESCENDED FROM THE DINOSAURS! RAWR!

She’s truly a fearsome thing to behold.

Granted, these conversations usually happen when one of us is intensely sleep deprived (yay time zones!) but we find them amusing. If our humor didn’t make you crack a grin, well, you probably won’t like the youtube videos we’ve been watching lately. So good luck. And so long and thanks for all the fish.

Oh, a few random things I’ve noticed I’ve noticed: 1. on July 10, 2012 we received precisely 2,189 views. Hoping there weren’t that many people with POTS reading our blog (wait, let me rephrase that, I hope there are not that many people suffering from POTS) I naturally went and investigated. I’ve mentioned before that our blog really attracts people looking for Happy Birthday pictures. Sure enough, we attracted over two thousand birthday wishers. That’s a ton. Literally. Apparently July 10th is a very auspicious day. 2. Pie and I share precisely 100 friends on facebook. Thats alarming and makes me want to go hide under a rock somewhere. 3. Our blog has gotten pinned so often on pinterest due to our supermegafoxyhot pictures, we can be searched and have our own page. Like a boss.

Ok, onto the funny videos.

Warning: All of these have some language and questionable sexual references. But they’re funny enough that Pie literally almost peed herself. I’m not kidding, I had to pause it while she sprinted to the bathroom she was laughing so hard at the second one.

this last one made me think of this meme:

Pie also wanted to include this last picture.

That is all. Have a splendiferous day!

-Teddy & Pie


Happy Birthday Pie!

Today is her Birthday so I am giving her a birthday pie. She has achieved the lofty and sagacious age of seventeen. I wanted to share it with you and her, so have a great Birthday!



I Love You More Than…

Pie: I love you more than a broken foot

Teddy: I love you more than cucumbers

Pie: I love you more than eating dill that tastes like caterpillars

Teddy: I love you more than the ending of the “Bridge to Terabithia”

Pie: I love you more than being sneezed on by a horse AFTER I just took a shower

Teddy: Oh, good one. I love you more than mushrooms

Pie: ….really? ❤

Teddy: Nope. I would never say that!

Pie: *stares bleakly, heart broken*

Teddy: Hehehe… Hey guys! This is one of our favorite games to play when we’re on the phone with each other : )

Pie: Today we are going talk about helpful tips for any crazy person like us.

Teddy: Otherwise known as silly tips. We clearly have too much time on our hands. We will both contribute, ten points to anyone who can guess which tip came from which sister!

Pie: So lets begin!

Do: Build a Swing

Don’t: Actually swing on the swing (unless you want the world to start spinning)

Don’t: Stand on the aforementioned swing (you will fall off)

Do: Narrate for your pets in silly voices.

Don’t: Tickle their feet

Do: Exercise every day

Don’t: Take walks outside when it’s 100 degrees out (trust me, doesn’t end well)

Do: Put a TV show on mute and fill in the dialogue.

Do: Watch Starship on youtube

Don’t: Spin in your office chair while watching it

Do: Eat cheese

Don’t: Go anywhere near a scale afterwords

Do: Quote Disney movies incessantly

Don’t: Take offense when people haven’t a clue what you are talking about (they are deprived children and must be pitied)

Don’t: Fall in love (unless you want your heart to speed up in EXTREMELY awkward situations)

Do: Drink pedialyte

Do: Tell them the reason that it’s purple is because it is made of squashed babies

Do: Not take anything we say seriously

Don’t: pay attention to that last comment

Pie: You know what? This post is really lame.

Teddy: Well, I HAD another post but you wanted to do a joint one

Pie: I must have been dropped as a child

Teddy: Oh, I made sure of that.

Pie: Oh! A good TO DO would be to do nerf gun wars!

Teddy: I could have sworn we ended this already. But I do love nerf wars. Do you think the neighbors would think us strange if we bought some nerf guns?

Pie: Probably. Anywho we mentioned earlier a youtube musical called Starship. It is FANTABULOUS! It is made by the same people who created a Very Potter Musical. We definitely recommend watching it sometime in your lifetime. It is about a bug…named Bug (bet you didn’t see that one coming) he has always been fascinated by starship rangers (who are basically awesome soldiers in space). Bug falls in love with a (very stupid) starship ranger.

Teddy: Why do they always fall for the stupid ones?

Pie: Examples?

Teddy: GINNY AND HARRY, Aang and Katara, anyone on the Bachelor!


Teddy:….. Oedipus and his mother, Finn and Rachel, Persephone and Hades, Donkey and the Dragon from Shrek, Bert and Ernie

Pie: You are so strange my dear…..anyways back to Starship, here’s the link

Teddy: Seeing as it isn’t Harry Potter, I wasn’t too excited to see it. But the quotes are absolutely hilarious and all of your favorite characters are back. Except for Darren Criss, because he is on Glee.

Pie: *yawns

Teddy: it’s kind of past our bedtime 😉

Pie: No I am just hearing blah blah blah blah. Just kidding! But it really is past my bedtime.

Teddy: Do you want me to tell you a bedtime story????!?!?!?!?!

Pie: Ummmm I have a bad feeling no matter how I will respond you will tell me one anyway.

Teddy: You have learned well young grasshopper. *clears throat*

Pie: *Gets milk and cookies*

Teddy: There once was a young girl who was plain but kind. Her parents loved her very much and doted upon her. They were kind people who had farmed the land for generations. Their one hope in life was that she would one day enter a marriage as filled with love as theirs was. But the girl wasn’t the type to go to market husband hunting, or to even spend time with young men at all. She preferred to go on long rides in the woods with her dog and thoroughbred, enjoying the solitude. Her parents worried about this, because they wanted to make sure she would have someone to take care of her and the farm when they died. Little did they know she had had a man in mind for some time. The times she did go to market, she ran across a boy who was handsome and charming. She, being plain and shy, did not attract his interest. He was a third son and needed to marry someone better off than himself. He was not a cruel boy, but he was cold and selfish. He did not know of her love for him, but he realized she was the best candidate in their small farming village for marriage. So slowly, he began to court her in all the usual fashion. She was elated and responded warmly. He began to think that this would not be so difficult after all. They were soon to be married. Her father was a trifle worried, though the boy had grown up on a farm he seemed to have little knowledge of how to work. He soon showed himself to be lazy and of no use at all. Her mother was worried for different reasons. Though he often told her daughter that he loved her, his caresses seemed contrived and mechanical. She saw that he was kind to her, but with such a kindness that one might treat a dog. She was worried and said so to her husband. They talked late into the night, but decided that perhaps her great love for the boy might be enough for the marriage to work. As the wedding day approached, the girl began to shrink inside. She discovered that her intended did not love her in the worst possible fashion, by observing him in the arms of another. After this encounter she found her heart to be quite broken.  She took a short cut through the woods in utter despair, thinking only of how to get home as quickly as possible.  Foolishly, she ran to the bay of the sea to cross the bridge instead of taking the much longer forest route.

This bridge was cursed by the people of the sea due to a wrong the land people had done them generations ago. The story was so old that most had forgotten it, but the fact remained that no one who took the bridge came back. The sea was always rough and no boat could sail or fish there. In her haste she had forgotten all of these things and rode desperately across. As soon as the horse’s hooves echoed across the wooden planks a great wave came crashing across, nearly throwing them both off the bridge. Soaking wet, they shivered as the shape of a man appeared through the water. He was tall and stately, though dressed in no clothes as far as she could see. His skin shone iridescent blue green and rippled oddly. His face was lined and weary as he looked at her and calmly told her she was to die. Despite the cruel turn of events, she did not shed a tear. Her mind was on her parents and their great grief at her impending death. She closed her eyes and bravely asked him to let her beloved dog and horse to go back home, wet as they were, to show her parents how she died. His brow furrowed and he asked after them. She opened her eyes and gladly told him of them. Their kind natures, how hardworking they were and how they had cared for her all her life. Through her words the ring of truth and love came out and he was soon convinced this was no ploy to gain his pity. He bowed his head and let her pass. When she asked why, he told her of his son and how he would grieve if only his mount came back, full of the land people’s spears and blood. He said the feud had gone on too long, and as King he would stop it altogether. She rode swiftly home, shivering from the damp and exposure to the cold. She lay asleep, feverish for days. Her parents feared for her very life. Through months of recovery, she canceled the wedding and refused to meet with the man she had once loved.

A broken heart is a hard thing to mend, but she sought solace in her dreams of underwater cities and sea people. She saw them vividly and longed for the day she could leave her bed and seek them out herself. When she was well, she returned to the bridge. The sea was quiet, and the sun was full and strong. She gazed sadly at the still waters, and turned to leave when a wave appeared. A sea man, emerged from the waters like the sea King she had met before. He was his son, and looked very much like him. She liked his open, honest face and carefree smile. He thanked her for making his father abate his anger with the land people. Such a weight had been on the King’s shoulders for many years and the prince had felt it would never end. While telling her this, a true smile lit her plain features with elation and compassion. He thought her beautiful and, being young, stayed talking to her far longer than he intended. He shyly asked to see her the next day and -perhaps not knowing herself why-she agreed.

They met often and her parents soon grew accustomed to seeing their daughter once more smile and laugh with them. Though they did not know what was the source of her great joy, they wisely did not ask. The two friends grew closer and closer, falling in love all the while. But they were bound to their separate realms which was a great burden to them. They dared not speak of love, and slowly they grew silent with each other. His skin felt clammy and ill to her, and likewise her skin felt unbearably hot to him. One day, he was terribly excited about something and would not tell her why, only that he had to go away for a few days. She assumed he had fallen in love with a mermaid like himself and grew desolate. She didn’t think her heart could bear to be broken twice in so short a time. He returned happier still and took her hands in his. He had been to see a sea witch and asked if he could bring his love to his kingdom. She said the only spell was to say he loved her truly, and with a kiss she could join him whenever she liked. It was so, and they began to travel to his kingdom frequently. She became loved by his parents and they rejoiced in their son’s choice. Finally, she became courageous enough to tell him she loved him too, and with a kiss he could join her on land. Her parents liked him for his honest face and heart. They married despite their differences, dividing their time betwixt sea and shore. They had ten children, two of which were farmers and two of which were mermaids. But all the others were a little of both, cementing the ties between land and sea forever. The family lived strong for many many generations, but they never forgot the tale of their ancestor’s great love that brought them together.

Pie: *dead asleep*

Teddy: Goodnight guys : )


TeDdY aNd pIe



Meg Cabot: The Mac to our Cheese

Pie: Teddy? The flies are uh, doing the nasty on your arm.

Teddy: Looks down

Pie: Just kidding. I think they’re playing with each other.

Teddy: death glare

Pie: Teddy, the breeding ground of all flies!

Teddy: It should probably be mentioned that we’re in our horse barn at the moment. Just so our readers don’t think I’m Pig-Pen from the Peanuts.

Pie: swings on swing happily

Teddy: Hey!

Pie: Hay is for horses!

Teddy: But better for cows, yeah, yeah we know. Anyways, we wanted to tell you guys about our favorite author, Meg Cabot!

Pie: So throw off your fuzzy bunny slippers, your bathrobe,

Teddy: I don’t like where this is going.

Pie: Put on your converse and go out to the nearest book store and instantly buy a book by her!

Teddy: But what are they wearing under the bathrobe?

Pie: Doesn’t matter. The point is, we love her.

Teddy: She’s a witty author for teens and young adults.

Pie: Mostly for girls, but that never stopped anyone from reading Twilight.

Teddy: You must not speak its name!

Pie: That’s Voldemort.

Teddy: Not that it makes much of a difference

Pie: Her books are really good for people like me who aren’t big readers. They’re fast paced and easy to read. The best part is that she has a ton of them, and each one is as good as the next.

Teddy: I read constantly, and our parents read often too. We tried to get Pie to like reading, but she didn’t really enjoy it. Everything we threw at her she thought was boring and didn’t finish. Even Artemis Fowl. I don’t think I’ve ever forgiven her for that. Plus, she got sick and was too tired to read. I didn’t understand that until I got sick too. It’s rather draining, and POTS kids want mindless activities to make them feel better.

Pie: But somehow Meg Cabot books are mindless enough to not make me tired, and interesting enough so I’ll still enjoy them. This summer I read twenty of her books, I do like reading but I just can’t all that often. One thing that worked when I was younger was to listen to books on tape. That way I could nap,

Teddy: This was before the Mayo clinic told us that naps were bad for her.

Pie: and still read. That’s how I read the Harry Potter series and A Wrinkle In Time.

Teddy: The first paperback we both enjoyed together was Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series. It is SO much better than the Disney movie I can’t even tell you. The pop culture witticisms are hilarious and the characters have great depth.

Pie: Before I read the series I loved the movies but truthfully they are completely different from the books. I loved The Princess Diaries because everything seemed so real. Meg Cabot made sure it would come across as a REAL diary, and just like a diary some days are more interesting than others. This series has more drama than action which is awesome (if you like drama). The characters are SO LOVEABLE by the end of the series the characters became my friends and I still think of Mia as a real person. Not many books can trick you into thinking the people are real (just like J.K. Rowling does in the Harry Potter series). I still sometimes wonder what trouble Lily Moscovitz is getting into (Princess Mia’s best friend) Or what crazy invention Michael has created and how Mia’s book is selling.

Teddy: Every single Meg Cabot book has the same magic quality to it. It feels like her voice is continuous through all of the books and in some regard I have grown up with her because her books were published throughout my middle school and high school years.

Pie: Now before we get started on the Mediator series I am not going to say I like one more than the other because they are both fabulous and have different concepts. The Mediator series is more action packed it keeps you guessing and you never really know what is going to happen. The main character is more rough and tough and takes some getting used to compared to the lovely adorable Mia. Suze is a mediation (someone who can talk to dead people) she sends them back to the realm of the unliving instead of roaming around on earth. She soon finds that many of the ghosts have unsettled business on earth that Suze has to solve for them.

Teddy: One thing I like about all of her books is the heroines love interests captivate you as much as the heroine. They are irresistibly brave and witty young men and handsome to boot. My favorite is Michael Moscovitz.

Pie: I really loved Jesse from the Mediator series.

Teddy: Now on to Avalon High. PRETEND THE MOVIE DOESN’T EXSIST!

Pie: I couldn’t even endure 5 minutes of the movie.

Teddy: After watching the trailer I didn’t even try to watch the movie. It’s about King Arthurs courts that’s been transplanted into a modern day high school.

Pie: WHICH IS WEIRD! (but the book is ah-mazing)

Teddy: And once again the main character is completely loveable. She has the funniest hobbies like floating in her backyard pool and going on hour long runs with her nerdy dad.

Pie: Funny enough she actually enjoys running she inspired me to even go on a run amazingly enough…..I almost went. This isn’t a series but doesn’t leave anything hanging which is really nice. I hate when books don’t resolve all the problems that’s one thing you will never have to worry about with Meg Cabot.

Teddy: Plus there is always a love story…and they always get together….which I enjoy ❤

Pie: Same here ❤ Teen Idol is another non-series but non-awful and awesome! It’s about a girl who writes anonymously for her school paper as Dear Annie. She helps solve everyone else’s problems. She becomes friends with a teen pop star who she is forced to lead around the school and they become weird little friends.

Teddy: This story really wasn’t stereotypical at all. She is a much more down-to-earth-character because she doesn’t care whether he is rich or famous. She actually dislikes those parts about him. She is just an average girl who babysits, stays out of trouble, and is in show choir.

Pie: It’s a simple story that is perfect for a fast, summer read. I loved reading it and I definitely recommend it.

Teddy: Captain Obvious, your ship has sailed. We’re recommending all of her books!

Pie: Yeah well, I’m just going to cry myself to sleep now…

Teddy: Remember, no naps.

Pie: Rawr. Bite me. Anyways, whats our next book?

Teddy: Meg Cabot wrote several teen romance novels set in Victorian Era England. The first is “Victoria and the Rogue” and the second is “Nicola and the Viscount”. I adored them because I’m an anglophile.

Pie: Which apparently means someone who likes English stuff. She’s not a pedophile, I swear.

Teddy: It’s a common term! Anyways, they’re both about young girls fresh on the marriage market who have their hearts set on a wealthy match. But, like with most of Cabot’s headstrong heroines, things never go according to plan. They’re filled with gorgeous descriptions of gowns, narrow escapes, and dashing gentlemen.

Pie: The spats between the heroines and their true loves are hilarious, it’s nice to have so many witty characters in one story.

(cover reads: It’s what’s outside that matters)

Teddy: Our next series up for review is the Airhead series.

Pie: A GREAT series. Except for the ending.

(Back of cover reads: No one cares what’s inside) ( I am not telling you what it says because I think you are blind…I am telling you because I know you are illiterate 🙂 )

Teddy: Correction, the first book is probably one of the best Meg Cabot has ever penned. The second book was good, but the third was terrible.

Pie: The story is extraordinarily captivating. To put this book down actually was painful. It is so interesting and I felt like I was the main character. I experienced what she experienced. Even though the ending isn’t as spectacular as Teddy and I would have liked, the series is still marvelous. Don’t get me wrong the ending isn’t awful! It just wasn’t my favorite ending.

Teddy: It’s about a girl who wakes up in the body of a supermodel. While it sounds like a Disney series it’s actually more complex. We feel incredibly sorry for the character because she is forced to live out the models contract in exchange for being kept alive in the models body. This includes having all of her friends and family think she’s dead, even her best friend who she’s in love with.

Pie: Umm….no more spoilers okay Teddy bear?

Teddy: *grumble grumble

Pie: RUMBLEROAR…he’s a lion who can talk!

Teddy: Haha. This concludes the Meg Cabot books Pie and I have read TOGETHER.

Pie: You make it sounds like I can’t read! YOU DO NOT READ ME STORIES.

Teddy: The remainder of the books are either adult fiction or romance novels. The last four are much more crude than the others and I do not recommend them to anyone who dislikes reading books with mature scenes. I rated them out of five stars

Boy Next Door ☆☆☆☆☆ Adorable New York romance.

Every Boys Got One ☆☆☆☆ Think Boy Next Door in Italy. It’s adorable and scenic.

The Heather Wells Mystery Series ☆☆☆☆☆ FANTASTIC SERIES! A college RA who used to be a popstar before she gained weight solves mysteries in the dorms. It’s hilarious, honest and very relatable.

Insatiable ☆☆ Vampire crap that pretends to not be. That being said, it’s well written vampire crap. And she used the names from Dracula. So it is slightly commendable.

Ransome My Heart by Mia Thermopolis (Mia Thermopolis is the heroine of the Princess Diaries)☆☆☆☆ Lovely Regency romance with a main character that is a bit of a tomboy.

Educating Caroline ☆☆☆☆☆ Another Regency romance novel with a very alluring lead guy. Seriously attractive. I was quite in love with him by the end of it.

The Lady of Skye ☆☆☆☆☆ Brilliantly done, one of my favorite romance novels of all time. I can’t even give a simple synopsis. Read it if you can deal with the occasional sex scene.

Pie: See now all of your reasons to NOT read are invalid…ha ha ha just kidding. We all have bad days, and Meg Cabot can save you from them! SO put on those bunny slippers and!

Teddy: Oh not this again…..


Teddy&Pie: That is all for this week! We are going to start posting a lot more since we are both out of school (Finally!). Teddy is going to post every Tuesday (tuesdays with Teddy not Morrie). If you ever need any book recommendations ask us since Teddy is a bookaholic and Pie will tell you if the books are actually good. This normally depends if Pie could actually get through the book. Have a great week filled with laughter and health and maybe even a book. Enjoy!


tEdDy & pIe

P.S. We actually do kinda look like that. Beautiful job Gimparasi!

P.P.S. And a HUGE thanks to Meg Cabot for writing such fantastic books! And for making out lives, a little more adventurous.

A Very Potter Musical & Sequel

Pie: Haven’t heard of Pigfarts have you? Well, I’m not surprised.

Teddy: Pigfarts…. IS ON MARS!

Pie: Dumbledore, that old coot? He’s nothing compared to Rumbleroar!

Teddy: Rumbleroar is a the headmaster of Pigfarts. He’s a lion. Who can talk.

Pie: Now I have one question for you, a question so important, that it will affect your very happiness. You’re probably thinking, “how could the farting of pigs bring you happiness?” Well, that’s where we come in.

Teddy: Um, Pie? You never asked your question

Pie: *hides in the corner of shame*

Teddy: *snickers* Well, since Pie and I are on the same page here, I’ll do the asking. Have you ever seen…

Teddy: A Very Potter Musical!!!! If you haven’t seen it, do so. Immediately. Here’s the link. Watch at least four parts of the musical before deciding you don’t like it. We won’t hold it against you. It just means we can’t be friends anymore.

(It’s part 1, you’ll just have to keep clicking on the side bar to keep watching)

Pie: There’s something I must tell you.

Teddy: Wait. What? Shouldn’t we be explaining what this even is?

Pie: *ignoring Teddy* Teddy and I… are very, very sick…

Teddy: Um, yes. Yes, we are. We have POTS. We’ve been through this, Pie.

Pie: *death glare* We are… so addicted to Harry Potter it’s sick.

Teddy: True that! I’ve read the books fifty bajillion times.

Pie: She’s not even kidding. I’ve counted. Anyways, A Very Potter Musical is Harry Potter+ Darren Criss (BLAINE FROM GLEE) + singing= A supermegafoxyawesomehot musical. Darren Criss come from a little college theatre company (Starkidpotter) and they wrote their own musical interpretation of Harry Potter. If you have read the Harry Potter books you will instantly adore it.

Teddy: But even if you haven’t, it’s funny as anything. I’ve been slowly infecting my dormitory with it. Quite successfully I might add. And everybody, whether they have read the books/seen the movies or not, have loved it. If you have had the discernment to read them, you will understand more of their jokes. That is the crux of the matter, seeing as it’s rampant with them. Jokes, innuendos, killer songs, every type of fan shipping, and general chaos. They don’t really follow the chronological order of J.K. Rowling’s series. AVPM (a very potter musical) references parts of the first, fourth, sixth, and seventh books. The sequel is actually a prequel, and the plot is a mash-up of the first, third, and fifth.

Pie: But they’re missing Hagrid! How can they forget a GIANT?! He’s a huge part of the story!

Teddy: I assume there were issues with the costuming.

Pie: The plot is very blended between the seven books. It’s Harry’s second year at Hogwarts and Quirrel is there……. 😀 Quirrel and Voldemort have a love hate relationship which is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! Harry is struggling to get Cho Chang to love him while he avoids the love struck Ginny (its Ginevera!). While Cedric Diggery FINDS himself in a very odd relationship with the non-asian Cho Chang (don’t ask). Ron is always eating something whether it is a giant hersheys bar or RED VINES! Hermione is the only one who can see through the plan of Voldemort and she knows that Hogwarts in in danger. (Granger Danger)

Teddy: Speaking of Voldemort… He’s supermegafoxyawesomehot.

Pie: I love him…

Teddy: He’s mine. Anyways, my favorite comment on the youtube video was about him, “I wish that he would put a shirt on… he’s so distracting!” It made me chuckle. But he is madly attractive. I mean, Darren Criss is cute and all-

Pie: But he belongs with Kurt from Glee.

Teddy: Exactly.

Teddy: Case and point. We watch Glee far too often, so you’ll have to excuse us.

Pie: We’re sorry that this post isn’t longer, I am really excited to see how you guys like the musical. It’s so cute ❤ If you want Teddy and I to dedicate a huge post to A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel quotes it would be hilarious! We have basically the entire musical in our noggins. We spit out quotes faster than I can spit out brussel sprouts.

Teddy: ’tis true. We could probably talk about A Very Potter Musical forever. We practically live out life speaking in quotes from it as is. If you need a Harry Potter injection that is a little faster and not a full length musical watch Potter Puppet Pals. Our favorite is Snape’s Diary.

Teddy: Well, thats the end of our joint post this week! Spring break is over and “I’ve gotta get myself to Hogwarts, where everything is magi-cool!”

Pie: Back to witches and wizards and magical beasts!

Teddy: Back to goblins and ghouls and to magical feasts.

Teddy & Pie: It’s all that I love, and all that I need at Hogwarts, Hogwarts.

Teddy: I think I’m going back.

Have an awesome week you guys!


Pie & Teddy




Music & Mushrooms

Teddy: So a mushroom walks into a bar and takes a seat.

Pie: STOP, noNoNO!

Teddy: The bartender turns to him and says, “sorry we don’t serve your kind here.” and the mushroom says, “why not? I’m a fun guy!”

Pie: WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME A JOKE ABOUT A FUNGUS? You know I don’t like mushrooms!

Teddy: On that note, hi : ) Well, I briefly toyed with the idea of calling this “Pigs and Playlists” but thought “Music and Mushrooms” was more to the point. Besides, who wants to hear about pigs? Anywho, I have had several days that I’ve felt totally normal. Well, mostly normal. Aside from the medicine, morning broth, and stuff. And when that happens, I completely forget that I’m sick (until someone tells me to walk up a flight of stairs or something). But I’ve hung out with friends, gone to parties, stuck out my tongue to catch rain drops in a storm, and had almost no homework. So, basically, this was a good Teddy weekend. There are plenty of bad ones, so it was a particular blessing. Not only that, but a ton of good music has come out recently. My favorite female singer of all time, Adele, came out with her new album 21. It’s fantastic. And, another favorite band, The Decemberists, had an album this spring called “The King Is Dead”. Which, in true Decemberist fashion, is morbid, happy, and corny all at once. So with all this awesome energy, I began to compile a list of songs that fill me with joy. I love sad music, especially when it’s quiet and poignant. But no matter how much I love The Swell Season, I don’t think it necessary will make everyone happy just by listening to it (except for its sheer beauty that is). So Pie and I made lists of our favorite songs that make us happy, even on our terrible days. Hopefully, our dear readers will get get some pleasure out of them as well!

Teddy’s Happy Songs List (In no particular order)

1. You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oats. Yes it was on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Yes Joseph Gordon-Levitt begins dancing in my head every time I hear it. You still wonder why it makes me happy?

2. This is Why We Fight by the Decemberists. It’s like a call to arms. It’s a good song to walk epically to.

3. You Belong Here by Anberlin. Someone should play this after they get married, or at the end of a movie. It gives me the shiveries.

4. Firework by Katy Perry. Yes it is pop. But, it’s the type of pop that makes me want to go and change to the world, so it is thus acceptable.

5. Blind Mary by Gnarls Barkley. It’s sweet, and so up-beat. Just listen to it.

6. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine. Her entire album is splendid, but this song stands out as one of the few truly happy ones. The day I realize I’m over POTS I fully intend to play it. Over and over again.

7. Secrets by OneRepublic. The last of the pop crap : ) I adore their first album, but it wasn’t happy. This song is filled with joy.

8. Not Alone by Darren Criss. Ok, Pie and I will devote an entire entry to A Very Potter Musical. It’s probably our favorite silly thing. For those of you who have not seen the splendiferous youtube musical, he is also on Glee. But the song is like he is singing in your ear, comforting you. Plus, we could all use a reminder that we’re not alone.

9. Defying Gravity from Wicked, the Broadway musical.  It’s inspiring. The musical isn’t the most profound thing I’ve ever watched, but the message is good. Plus, their vocals are superb.

10. Nothing in My Way by Keane. My favorite band in this world, though I am the only one who still enjoys them. They have 3 albums and 2 EPs that are brilliant. Then they sold out, in a big way. But, I’m in denial about all of of that and continue to love this song especially.

11. Run by Snow Patrol. I really can’t think of a description. Listen to the darn thing and you’ll understand.

12. Numb by Marina & the Diamonds. It is her eternal misfortune to have produced an album the same year as Florence. They target the same listeners, but Florence is a bit better. That being said, this song is verifiably one of the best of the album. I adore it, and you will too.

13. Grace Kelly by Mika. We’ve all heard it. It’s hilarious. Plus, it’s amazing to sing to, give it a go. I’m practically tone deaf and I still belt it out 😛

14. Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Just found this song recently, though it’s been out a while. It’s a love song, which I usually don’t like. I mean, there are so many awesome things in this world to sing about besides love. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. This song makes me melt into a puddle every time I hear it, literally. It’s like an indie/alternative song had a baby with a country song. It’s the only way I can describe it. Just, AGH! So cute!

15. Razia’s Shadow by Forgive Durden. I’m cheating on this last one, because it’s an entire album. Not just any album though, it’s a rock opera. On a recent bad day, I listened to it on repeat and it completely calmed me down. The lyrics are intricate and the music is completely divine. Give it a shot, even if it’s not your normal cup of tea.


Pie: It is true….mushrooms are not on my list of favorite things 😉 This week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me and its been mentally and physically quite a ride. What I still find amazing is that after a really horrible day due to POTS, lack of sleep, grumpy teachers, and testing I was surrounded by so many good things to counteract them. I came home crying after talking to one of my teachers (this is one of those moments when you are in your car and you feel like you are in a crying scene from a movie) my amazing Mother hugged me a talked me through everything. I also had a huge tennis match that day (and we all know how hard it is to feel good after crying and feeling your sickness take its toll) but despite all of that I won my match by saying ‘I want to win, I am going to win’ I seriously looked like a nutcase talking to myself. My friends, coach, new music and parents helped me survive a bad POTS day. This post isn’t about my weird mumblings and car crying though (you are missing out!!) Teddy and I constantly sing to each other or write lyrics on each others facebook walls. When I used to nap everyday I would listen to music to help me sleep and I love the feeling of slowly drifting back to awareness and having one of those perfect simple moments listening to the songs inner meaning that you would have never caught. I have a lot of songs that play my heartstrings in ways like nothing else on this earth can. Like Teddy, I too like songs that are slow and sad. Songs that you feel a connection to through lyrics intertwined with a mesmerizing melody. Please enjoy my fellow mushroom haters…….(if you don’t hate mushrooms….well I guess I can make a small exception ❤ )

Pie’s Favorite Happy Songs ❤

1. Fix You by Coldplay. This song makes me cry! (I am sounding like such a cry baby in this post!)  “When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep, stuck in reverse.” When I think about POTS I think of this song, it gives me the hope that lights will guide me home and ignite my bones and my fatigue will be washed away.

2. Lost by Anouk. A beautiful song about a woman who is heartbroken that the man she loves does not love her (isn’t that so surprising?). She feels her world melting in all around her and she feels her path has been shaken and now she is lost.

3. Things You’ve Never Done by Passenger. This song has been replayed over and over on my ipod, computer, and brain.

4. I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds. I must admit, I have never heard a more unique and intricate voice before. Teddy had to urge me to keep listening to it until I liked it….and now I love it.

5. Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machines. Lyrics=beauty. Melody=strength. Voice=Perfection. I can’t seem to get enough of this song, it makes me want to hold onto her words and keep them in my heart.

6. When the Sun Met the Moon by Panic at the Disco. I LOVE THIS SONG! It makes me so happy! It makes me want to get up and dance ❤

7. Half Life by Imogen Heap. If this is your first time hearing the name Imogen Heap, you have been deprived as a human being and I recommend seeing a therapist as soon as it’s humanly possible. (warning sad song!)

8. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg. An innocently adorable song. I think the title explains the theme of this song.

9. Life Left to Go by Safetysuit. I fell in love with Safetysuit’s ENTIRE album. Teddy and I bought the whole album because we couldn’t love one song without loving them all.

10. That Green Gentlemen by Panic at the Disco. Another great song that is just amazing! “Things have changed for me…and that’s okay!”

11. For Good by Wicked. I adore this song, my best friend and I have decided this is our song. It’s so adorable.

12. If I Had You by Adam Lambert. I can’t NOT dance to this song. I request it at every school dance ( I am not even kidding )

13. Get Back To Hogwarts by A Very Potter Sequel. This is from a musical dedicated entirely to HARRY POTTER! Nothing compares to Harry Potter We all know that!

14. Bravest Man I Ever Knew by Ministry of Magic (MOM). Teddy and I are proud Potter nerds.

15. Someone Like You by (the absolutely brilliant) Adele. Her new album is out!!!! I saved the best for last. I sing this song basically every time I am in my car. Who doesn’t love great lyrics and a singer with a voice to die for?

Teddy: Oh, and a huge shout out to Sleepless Vigilante. I was having a bad night and she distracted me enough from my anxiety attack so I could sleep. She played this game with me where she would ask me my favorite things. So, if you have a friend who gets anxiety attacks, text them and see if it helps. She was a total blessing for me that night. A link to her blog is here:

Teddy&Pie: Thank-you reader for tuning into another one of our posts. They are brilliant songs and we hope they make you as happy as they made us. Please for our sake have an amazing sickness free weekend full of fun 🙂 Until next time!


The Misses Pots aka…..TEDDY AND PIE!!

Disney Crossover: Our New Found Obsession

Teddy&Pie: One of our (many) favorite things to do when we are together is to watch Disney movies. Sadly we can’t always watch a full length movie. This is where our love for Disney crossovers was born. Pie randomly was on Youtube and stumbled upon a GOLD MINE of Disney goodness. Now you are thinking ‘what is a Disney crossover?’ That’s what we are here for, to enlighten you with our vast knowledge. A Disney crossover is a music video, one that pairs up two characters from separate movies. Usually they are in love (which we like) but they don’t have to be. We have spent hours of searching and viewing these videos to bring you the very best of our finds. (I know, how great are we?) .

1.    In this video, they included a bunch of crossovers. This is a great demonstration of how seamlessly the creators can combine their characters and movies. It’s like watching an entirely new movie, with characters you (because you’re awesome) already love.


Teddy: Please excuse Pie… she kissed the cat and now is suffering from a hairball. Love kills…. we will be back momentarily 😀 In the meantime, please enjoy the video (Oh, hint, if your computer is half as slow as ours is, you might want to load half a dozen of these videos in different tabs)

2. This video is adorable! Jasmine is in love with Tulio but he is a playboy :[ It’s a GORGEOUS cover of “Use Somebody” (Pie has been singing this song non-stop for WEEKS-Teddy) In all seriousness, the video is splendid. The scenes look like they’ve always belonged together, and the artistry matches very well. So, we’ll shut up and let you watch it 😀

3. So… this is Teddy’s FAVORITE music video. No idea how Neriede put it together. This is centered around Jim Hawkins (from Treasure Planet (voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and thus the love of Teddy’s life)) and Kayley (from Quest for Camelot). Jim works on Kayley’s farm and obviously has a thing for her, while she appears madly in love with Garrett, at first. *du du DUH (dramatic music) Anyways, as she is preparing for her wedding, something happens ❤ This is (arguably) the best put together. There are some sequences that will blow you away.

4. On a more scandalously entertaining note, this video never fails to make us laugh and dance. Because HELLO Hercules as bad boy? It’s hilarious. We apologize ahead of time for the occasional curse word and strange joke about Helen Keller. But if you look past that, it’s very good. Crisnuncajamas has a lot of great videos (Teddy the music snob can’t always handle so much popular music and had converted Pie to the same trait). But no matter what you’re taste in music is, this video is a hit.

5. This is probably Pie’s absolute favorite video. It’s a romantic story about how a historian (Milo from Atlantis) falls in love with Anastasia by reading her diary. Josh Groban’s mezmorizing (smexy) voice makes our hearts melt.

6. *sobs this shouldn’t even make the list because it’s so sad! But it’s one of those strange sad feelings that also makes you happy, its like an emotional high. This story goes through a couple different periods of Jane’s (from Tarzan) life. The first, when she is best friends and in love with Cody (from Adventurers Down Under). It flashes forward to the life they could of had together, but didn’t, because he was kidnapped and killed by bandits. She is spared but she is haunted by seeing him everywhere. She spends the rest of her days waiting (still in love) for her best friend to come back to her.

7. This video is very cute, it’s a mash up of lots of little kids who grow up to fall in love with their best friends. ADORABLENESS OVERLOAD!

8. On a bit more serious note, this video is action packed, well made, and will keep you on your toes. The plot is well developed and easy to follow along to. It’s a story not a romance. ENJOY!!

9. Tinkerbell always seems to be getting in trouble (don’t you think?) In this story she is in love with Peterpan (seriously who isn’t?) but Peter is quite the stud muffin when it comes to the ladies. Tinkerbell can’t seem to get his attention and complains to the witch fairy. The witch turns Peter into a (supermegafoxyawesomehot) fairy (Cornelius from Thumbelina). As you can imagine Peter is less than thrilled about this new change (understatement of the century)

10. AHHH the playboy Tulio (from El Dorado) is cheating on Megara (from Hecules) what a meany face! But Miguel also has his eyes on Meg. It’s a delightful…love triangle….square…. geometric figure…and it can only end in tragedy! Enjoy 😀

Teddy&Pie: This concludes our long list of favorite Disney Crossovers. There are so many more that we couldn’t fit into one post. You should definitely check more of them out on youtube. Thank-you to the talented video makers who unknowingly made us very happy. If you find some more great videos share them with us in a comment! We would tickled pink if you enjoyed these as much as we do. Okay, so we have two more Disney Crossover pictures that don’t have a video to go with them but they are so ADORABLE we have to show them to you!


Thanks for watching ❤