Archive of Goodness

Dude, WordPress is a funny thing to navigate. And reading posts backwards is a wee bit tedious, even when reading such splendiferous (if we do say so ourselves) material as that of Teddy & Pie. So here it is, in easy to access format! It is chronological, so our first post is at the top: “The Misses Pots Debut” Happy Perusing!

The Misses Pots Debut

Disney Crossover: Our New Found Obsession

Daily Diversion #2: The Sims 3

Food+Workingout+Exercises = Energy? Say what?

Pirates’ Logs and Llamas

Free-writes and Caffeinated Owls

Music & Mushrooms

Studying Sprouts

A Very Potter Musical & Sequel

Always look on the bright side of socks!

Go Hug A Cat For Goodness Sakes!

Wrapped Up In Books

Pots, Pans, and Spoons


Meg Cabot: The Mac to our Cheese

Teddy’s Guide to Sleep

I Love You More Than…

99 Cent Flying Cat

Cheer and Cherries

Happy Birthday Pie!

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Sodium Solutions


A Potful of College tools

Get Better Soon!

Just Gonna Paint

Giles ate my blog post

One Comfy Day, coming up!



Happy Halloween

Dandelion Wishes

Cold Feet


Where Does It End?

You Can’t Take The Sky From Me

Have you exercised today?


I ate 39 spicy rolls off the floor….

Panic! Without the Disco.

The Only Failure Is Never To Try



T’ain’t Got No Cheese

The Zombie Cinderella

Magazine Art

I Am Not Sorry

Fuzzy SuperVitiminC Man

V Day!

Good Day!

There’s nothing to do here…

Shout Out

And with a little luck, there will be many more to come : )


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