Someone out there right now feels exactly the same way I do


Hello my dear readers,

This is Teddy. And I have a confession to make, a years worth of confession. This year I started dating an amazing guy, I went back to my university, and just spent the last two months in Scotland on arguably one of the most important digs in the world right now. And I didn’t write to you. Because I thought that I am getting better, and no one wants to hear that. I am no longer relevant. If I had updated The Misses POTS as often as I did my Pinterest you guys would be inundated, seriously. And the POTS community means so much more to be than Pinterest ever could. So here I am, listening to my pandora station for the Avett Brothers (seriously, make a station for them. They’re brilliant), eating a pretty fabulous omelet I just made from my tomatoes, basil, and supermarket spinach, and realizing how many opportunities I have missed to minister to you guys. I don’t mean that in the religious sense. I mean in the metaphorical, giving balm to your loneliness and frustration. Because it gets better, a lot better. 

This stemmed from my regular morning ritual, waking up by looking at Pinterest. Like many of you, I take awhile to get out of bed. And today I saw the picture above that I had posted well over a year ago on my “Postulating on POTS” board. I had written, “this should probably be the header to my blog” and forgotten about it. What I didn’t notice, was that someone had written to me, underneath it, “I would read that” And just like that “frak” I was convicted. 

That picture and that board have given me more follows and likes than anything else on that bloody site. I don’t use it for that, (mostly recipes if I’m completely honest), but it does make me think. There are people out there like me. I know that maybe no one out there reads this anymore, and that maybe my voice is unheard. But I think that it’s needed. Not for my profundity, or any sense of eloquence, but because I think there is a shortage of good news for people with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia. 

The road to recovery isn’t a straight line, and I keep on learning through trial and error. Alcohol, still not a good idea. But I can have a pint now and again; I just need lots of food and water with it. IBS still rears its ugly head pretty frequently. But last semester I made straight A’s and got my GPA up enough to be a contender for PhD programs around the country. I have two interviews this week, and I’m scared. Scared because I don’t think I deserve it. Scared because I know my health and productivity could vanish at any time. Thats how I spent most of the last year, and it was really hard to explain to people why I wasn’t excited for all the good things in my future. It’s counterintuitive, but thats where I’m at right now. So where are you at right now? I have a years worth of little lessons to share, but I have a whole heck of a lot more to learn. Upcoming posts: how to survive on an archaeological dig, POTS and dating, and more as I go. I hope you guys have more to share too, because we all need each other in this recovery process. So bear with me, I’m back.

Be well,

Teddy (and the return thereof!) 


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