V Day!

valentines day darcy

Happy Valentines Day!

Despite the fact that this day usually makes me cynical and cranky (pink is really not my favorite color), this year has been rather exemplary. Because it’s an opportunity (kind of like Christmas) to surprise the ones you love. Since there’s no one special in my life, I get to give out valentines to whomever I darn well please, yourself included.

And by giving our Valentines, I mean scanning Pinterest and finding lovely pictures that invoke smiles : )

nina valentine


I gave this one to Pie! Mostly because I love Sherlock.

mom valentine


This to my mom, we watch Downton Abbey together. We both bawled our eyes out when Sybil died so I figured it was appropriate. Also, my mom had eclampsia with Pie! Oh, dark humor.

dad valentine


My dad LOVES Firefly (as do Pie and I)

downton abbey valentine


Small warning, most of these will be from Downton Abbey. It’s one of my favorite shows and has the best Valentine memes!

downton abbey valentine


downton abbey valentine


I’m pretty sure my mom would be up for this.

valentine downton abbeyAnd on to a plethora of Game of Thrones valentines!!

game of thrones valentinesHodor is my favorite ❤

firefly valentineWell, that’s all I’ve got! Bake some cookies, eat candy, and have a happy Valentines day everyone!



Wall-E by *UVER




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