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Hey guys! What’s going on? It is Pie by the way. I thought I would write a post while I am experiencing a wondrous head cold. It is too much fun and just begging to be blogged about. So…you know how this year’s version of the flu is especially bad? Yes? No? Well, it is! This was the first year that I said,  “Mom I am not getting a flu shot.”  I told her this because the past two times I got a flu shot I came down with a TERRIBLE, AWFUL, DISGUSTING Cold….. yuck! I am officially 18 so in my mind not getting my annual flu shot was a big deal. I’m 18 I can make one independent decision maybe? Possibly? Yes? I put my footie down! But of course the universe laughed at me because now there is a flu epidemic. I have POTS and asthma so coming down with the flu really would be quite the traumatic  experience. I ended up getting the dreaded flu shot. Let me just explain this one thing, I do not mind getting shots. I have had so many shots and needles drinking up my blood to be tested that I am pretty used to it. They truly don’t bother me until I get a cold after having a flu shot. That is when Pie gets irritated. I got this flu shot at my local grocery store this past monday….(exactly a week from today). I did not realize that right next to the frozen goods  was a little tiny waiting room with a T.V. playing relaxing music and showing images of happy fish swimming in a reef. Was that supposed to make me feel better about getting a shot that would give me a cold?

Reef Fish Themissespots

The lady at the front desk gave me a clip board with all of these questions I needed to answer. Goodness gracious that was hard! I hadn’t the slightest idea what they were asking me. When I finished  filling out the pop quiz that I failed I waited in the waiting room. I think the exotic fish were mocking me. Oh yes pie this is a happy happy place. We will take good care of you. This is the last time I trust fish! When the pharmacist came in we talked for a few minutes and I just happened to mention that I always got sick after I got a flu shot. She told me that wasn’t possible. All of my doctors always tell me it is impossible to get the flu from the flu shot because it is a dead virus….but I always get sick that week! Coincidence? I think not dear sir!  I think not! Do my doctors sign an oath promising they won’t  tell a soul that they are injecting viruses into their patients?

Flu Shot Themissespots

So I got the shot from my grocery store’s pharmacist it did not hurt one bit. It was practically painless. Weirdly enough…when I walked out she told me to wait around the store for five to ten minutes in case I had a reaction or started feeling sick. I laughed in my head when she said this because I have never ever heard someone say this! Teddy and my Mom had been to the same pharmacy three days earlier and they weren’t held hostage! Do you know what I did when she said this? I nodded and just walked right on out of there! I live so close to my grocery store that by the time I would show symptoms I would be home.

Magic Schoolbus Themissespots

After four days I was pretty positive this magical food store flu shot was heaven sent! I felt fine! Totally fine. Happy Pie! What did they put in that shot? Virus fighting veggies? SuperVitiminC Man? Cheese? Happiness? Yup I felt fine. Maybe a little tired? But that is normal for me. I had a birthday party friday night and I noticed I was losing my voice  a bit. I thought it was because I am such a chatterbox. The next day (saturday) my throat was really rough and raspy like a rockstar. I was pretty tired but staying up late does that to POTS peeps. But when Sunday came I knew! I KNEW WHAT WAS WRONG! I had my Momma check that sore rockstar throat and do you know what she found? I will give you a hint it wasn’t SuperVitiminC MAN! My throat was red with little white dots! GASP! NO! What? That can’t be possible? Grocery store shot? I trusted you. You were supposed to keep me safe. **cries**

Yeah so Pie is sick. Shocker. Want to hear something ironic? Flu shots take two weeks to work! Come on! This is a weird cold because I don’t have a stuffy nose (thank goodness) I do have a sore throat and I am very dizzy. My head feels like someone scooped out my brain and filled my head to the brim with cotton balls. To quote…You’ve Got Mail I feel fuzzy. That is the only way I can describe how I am feeling. How is Pie today? Fuzzy? Absolutely positively fuzzy thank you dear reader and yourself?

spirited_away themissespots

This weekend I am finishing up my art portfolio and it is a challenge. I feel way too fuzzy for this! I am feverish and icky. For some reason when I get a cold my brain gets scared of random things. Yesterday Teddy and I were playing our Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets computer game (Are you jealous of our awesomeness? Playing a game made for 10 year olds?) She had her hair up in a pony tail and she was sitting in an office chair and her pony tail kept moving in a weird way and kept scaring me! I don’t know why!! It looked like a cat or something? Or a rat? Ahhh * hides in corner**  Then later that day I was walking over to our couch and a pair of UGGs scared the  heebie jeebies out of me.

I feel so strange 😦 And I wanted to share my adventures with you. Because you understand my pain. Now…my Mother just informed me that I probably didn’t get sick from my flu shot. Okay… Teddy and I did have a friend over who ended up getting sick this week and when I went to that birthday party my other friend was feeling sick. But….it had to be the flu shot right? Sadly I have to wait another week until I am immune to the flu. Universe stop teasing me. I don’t have any interest in getting the flu.

Please do not get sick! Trust me you aren’t missing out! I can’t even describe how I feel. I feel mentally aware but my thought process is extremely slow. Thanks for listening to me you are pretty cool. I think I will keep you around. I like you. I think I am going to go find a hot beverage and snuggle a cat. Until we meet again!

Lots of LOVE,

Fuzzy Pie

P.S. Maybe it is the flu shot apocalypse? Just a thought.

Being_Sick_SUCKS themissespots


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