One Comfy Day, coming up!

So you need a day in bed. Preferably one with rain hammering on your window so you will be free of guilt not to go outside. You also need some calm, yet lyrically interesting music, a good movie, exciting book, and some tea that is beyond compare. Look no further, I, Teddy, can arrange it all!

It’s Friday (and if anyone sings that song I’ll become a homicidal maniac)! And we’re all spent. Pie and I both have stomach bugs (guess diseases can be passed over the phone now…) and we can’t be the only ones that need a day in bed.

Step 1: Go to bed. Now. This is non-optional. You’ve been upright for a week now and it’s doing you no good. (By the way, did you know POTS people spend 3 times as much energy standing upright as normal people? It’s like we’re jogging in place at all times, except no ones asking us to become swim suit models). But put some pajama pants on first, preferably flannel. There ya go!

Step 2: You forgot to bring your laptop didn’t you. Utter fail on your part. Now, slide under the covers and put on some perfect music for a fall day. My favorite right now are Bon Iver, but my dear friend is getting me hooked on Angus & Julia Stone. They’re also quite good for a lazy day. But my Bon Iver pandora playlist has exceeded all boundaries (40 hour time limit? pshaw) so I’ve been thieving from my friends’ itunes libraries and have developed quite a good playlist full.

Step 3: But you’re probably feeling guilty right now, about being in bed while it’s sunny and the leaves look so appealingly crunchy. So here’s a guilt-free trick to soothe your frazzled nerves, put on Rainymood off of google and your life will be instantly better. It sounds amazing on top of just about every song, so it’s time to experiment!

Isn’t everything better when you look out your window and all you see is this instead?

Side note, now that RainyMood is on, try it with my favorite song by Bon Iver: Woods. It captures a feeling, a piece of longing tied up in joy.

Step 4: Your mind has been blown by supermegafoxyawesomehot music, but now you need something a little more sustaining. I bring you, a book. I can see the shocked looks on your faces quite clearly through my monitor. Most specifically, a series that will keep you excited for quite a while. I give you, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo!

To be clear, this is not a series that should be read by anyone under seventeen. For everyone over that age level, it is mandatory. I know it was super popular a few years ago, but I didn’t read it. It’s stupid, but if everyone tells me to read it I won’t. I feel like it’s probably mass produced garbage *cough twilight cough* So when my dad told me to read it and that it was already downloaded on my kindle, I gave up. It is a detective/thriller novel, but the mysteries aren’t something we can solve. They’re more like tragedies that are exposed to the light by the protagonist (a journalist in Sweden). The other protagonist is a seriously abused girl who kicks butt in the awesome department. I adore her, she’s not someone you would want to be friends with, but rather someone in your school who you just watch, amazed that she inhabits the same planet.  In Steig Larsson’s first novel they are investigating a girl who has been missing for several decades. It takes over a hundred pages before you get into it, due to some necessary background information, but then you can’t stop. Honest. I read them in a week during midterms, and they really opened my mind to some things I had been ignoring. Small warning, there are several graphic rape scenes in these books. The first especially. The working title of the first was “Men Who Hate Women” and violence is the main theme in all of these. This is not my common fare, but it’s something that everyone should be aware of. Plus it is such an enthralling read, please read it for me.

Step 5: You’re too tired to read any longer (and who could blame you? It’s grown dark and you’ve created a fine bed-nest for yourself). But it’s still too early to go to bed just yet. Now, eat whatever mess you have in the fridge. Now thats out the way, slice up some ginger root for tea and make popcorn in the microwave. Apparently ginger tea is super healthy, but it tastes way too good for that to be true. Douse the tea with honey (want a little tea with all that honey? 😛 ) and climb back to bed. That was exhausting. Now, turn off the music, because you’re about to…

Step 6: Watch The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! The first movie is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s a dead on interpretation. The second isn’t nearly as good, but worth a view if you have time. The third is much better than the second, but definitely a few hairs short of the first. So, if you’ve read the books (or part of them at any rate) watch the movies. They are on instant play on netflix. If you have read them, watch the first and third movies. They’re totally worth it. The second is useful only if you need the plot. Or you’re SUPER sleepy like I was this week. But then again, isn’t that what this post is about?

Step 7: You probably finished the whole thing didn’t you? It was WAY too good to stop, just like I said. Anyways, shut off your laptop, take your meds, brush your teeth, and go sleep. It’s probably later than you anticipated. Just like this post is longer than I anticipated. So I might head to bed too. *yawn*

Or keep reading. Dunno how you expected to stop in the first place. Guess you have a full night ahead of you, say hi to Micke for me!

Be Well,


P.S. g’night!


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