Giles ate my blog post

It’s the all new blogger excuse. My laptop ate it.

My  dear POTS-ients,

How are you this fine fall day? I’ve just realized how awesome fall/winter truly is. The reason, my dear readers, is not just the crunchy leaves. Rather, it is the ability to deal with our temperature intolerance in a socially acceptable way. Plus, the cool temperature totally causes vasoconstriction, so there’s a chance we might actually have blood in our heads for once. Not only that, but we can bundle up our poor frozen extremities in fashionable accoutrements. I particularly like the wrist warmers and hats on etsy. Talk2thetrees is my favorite shop there : )

Seeing your breath, snuggling up under a quilt, are all wonderful things. My one sadness is that my tea intake has been slashed. I have completely given up caffeine. This is especially tragic in light of all the loose leaf chai I purchased right before school started *sigh* My cardiologist mentioned ages ago that I should limit my caffeine intake, “pshaw, THATS not going to happen” plus it doesn’t have much caffeine… or so I grumbled. But then I started to see a hideous pattern. A pattern of lousy afternoons after drinking my morning tea. And the lousier the afternoon, the stronger the tea I drank. It was an unfortunate cycle. Anyways, I would love to encourage you to try herbal teas instead, even for just a few weeks. Ginger tea is also super tasty, especially if you use local honey.

Yes that’s me. Totally worth it.

I also found some blueberry tea at a local farmers market, it’s filled with petals and bits of dried fruit. I think loose leaf tea is more of a pleasure to drink, even if it’s more troublesome to clean. Plus, when it’s chilly outside, nothing warms my heart like tea.

I’ve also began to wear my hideous anti-embolism socks again. During summer and early fall it’s really difficult to convince myself that thick, high socks are at all appealing. Now though, they fit nicely under jeans and cords. I think I could live my life with corduroy pants, honestly. They’re warm and so so soft. Oh, I’m also experimenting with leggings, boots, and dresses to hide the despised socks. I bought a pair of chocolate brown leggings and they are a master of disguise. I’m also using them for my halloween costume. What am I going as? As a teddy-bear. What did you expect?

How do you guys embrace the seasons? My last bit of fall is baking bread. It’s really easy and far, far tastier than store bought. Plus, it smells phenominal! And it kind of blows your friends minds when you say you made it yourself. It’s nice to make something tangible when you’re sick. Like Pie says, sick days are ” a day on repeat that gets lost in translation”. Days blend together, so for me baking bread gives meaning to a day. My favorite part is when your hands smell sticky and sweet from kneading dough. I use wholewheat flour and fresh honey (I love honey, far too much in fact). Bread makes for awesome breakfasts, I love melting brie on it and then eating blueberries by the handfull. I messed about with recipes this summer, and this is my favorite:

Whole Grain Cockaigne Bread (From The Joy of Cooking with a few alterations by Teddy)


1 package active yeast & 1 tablespoon brown sugar in 1/4 cup of warm water (105-115 degrees)

Let that sit for about fifteen minutes while you make the wet mix below

1 to 3 tablespoons nonsalted butter (I melt it in the milk)

2 cups warm milk

1 tablespoon salt

4 to 6 tablespoons honey

After fifteen minutes, mix the yeast/water/sugar mix into the wet mix and slowly add six cups of whole wheat flout (I use whatever flour I have on hand (oat, graham, etc.) with decidedly mixed results. Wheat turns out best). Knead and let sit for 1 to 2 hours in its bowl. Then divide in two and knead again. Put the halves in their pans (Two 5 by 9 inch loaf pans) and let sit for another ten minutes while you preheat the oven for 350 degrees. Put those suckers in there for 45 minutes and two golden brown loafs should come out! Stick a knife in the middle and pull it out. If theres dough sticking to it, put it in for a few minutes longer. If it comes out clean, it’s done!

Okay, now that that little burst of domesticity is over, I have a funny video to show you.

So. That’s my funny for the day. I have been downright negligent, so I plan to post every day for the next week. You will be heartily sick of me by the end of it! They may not be as long as my usual (I wrote this in Theology class…. so I guess I have time :P) but I will definitely try to get you to smile every day this week! So, lots of love and have a nice Halloween weekend!

Be Well,



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