Just Gonna Paint

Pie: Woah! It’s been forever since we have last had a nice catch up! My apologies, school can be a huge distraction. I’m already half way done with my first quarter! Insanity, actually for a few weeks I thought I was going mad because of the crazy homework load. This has been one of my normal POTS sick days. It’s when I wake up feeling a bit “off” then I proceed with my morning schedule, eating, brushing my teeth getting dressed doing chores etc. When this happens I am normally am about to head out the door  for school and I realize I have no energy to leave my house, let alone drive the small distance of 12 minutes. You know what I am talking about. When you are too sick to even to a simple task because your body is telling you it can’t do it. Well, this is what my morning has felt like. I’ve had this weird little virus all week. I missed two days of school last week and three days this week. But that’s what life is life in the shoes of POTS. That’s why Teddy and I are here. We want to be able to help your bummer chick days (or bummer dude days). So are you going to go and TAKE A NAP?!?! (probably…) Are you going to WATCH TV?!?!? (ummm yes?) ARE YOU GOING TO BE SATISFIED WITH DOING NOTHING ALL DAY?!?!? (well…actually yeah I will because I’m sick.). So get into your most comfy pair of P.J.’s the ones with pooh bear on them and I am going to tell you what I do when I am sick.

Okay so I’ve been painting for a couple summers but not well at all! Teddy thought my strawberries were carrots. I realized why I had a hard time with it finally. In my classes we were always painting still lives or pictures of scenery. When I tried painting a person I realized what I had been missing! I was having a really had week POTS wise and school wise so I started off with painting a Lady Gaga painting. I was really excited about how it turned out. I liked someone’s painting of this particular picture and I changed the color scene. Here’s a picture of my finished product 🙂

I watched a youtuber’s painting video and got completely inspired.

This painter is amazing! She inspired me to paint like her. I’m totally impressed with her talent.

After that painting I painting the album cover of Florence + The Machine. If you haven’t heard of her please look a song up. Trust me, she is worth it! I love her sound and her songs are so interesting (in a good way! They make you listen to every lyric). I painted her album called Lungs. Here is a picture of it all done.

I felt so much better! No kidding! I felt so inspired and I felt like I was doing something worth while for myself. So instead of looking back and feeling sorry for myself I have two beautiful paintings that represent the time I had once lost and the time I had managed to save. With POTS you lose a lot of time. I always feel like time slips through my fingers. Where does it go? It goes into my memory as the days I don’t really remember. Actually that’s a lie, I remember them. But they are all the same. A day on repeat that gets lost in translation. What do you do for fun? (think on that, but it can’t require too much energy sorry babe! You don’t have energy to waste). Do you sew, read, paint, sing, write stories, write poems, draw, write songs, film movies, scrapbook, exercise (beware requires lots of energy), knit, bake, take photographs, garden, make jewelry, cook, or ride horses? Some of the activities on this list require way too much energy for us so my apologies but I thought I would throw them out there anyway ( because I am evil ). I do list rambling lists off don’t I? If you are too sick to do any of the above that’s okay too. Set a goal for yourself, when you feel better make sure to fill your days with something creative or enjoyable that doesn’t necessarily include a TV screen. Don’t get me wrong on my worst days TV is a lifesaver. But when TV is compared to something I love to do like tennis, painting or jewelry its clear that TV doesn’t hold a candle to my other hobbies. So what do you do on your worst days? Teddy and I would love to know if you have any other things to add to our list. Don’t be shy. We aren’t creepers, well I am, but Teddy isn’t.

I’ve been painting and reading The Hunger Games. It is a frickin’ fantastic BOOK! AMAZING! I am so mesmerized by it. When I read it, I leave my sick body and I open my eyes and become Katniss Everdeen. It’s a very powerful book. It is very rare to find a book that mentally challenges you. Reading does make me tired but with a book like this, I believe it is well worth the fatigue. I think Teddy and I could dedicate an entire post on the books brilliance. You never know we might! We have that power!

But I guess my point in this post is that we have power. Power to change what we can in our lives. I want to make my life filled with wonderful memories. I don’t want to pollute my memories with these sick days. So this is a challenge for you too! What makes you happy? What makes your troubles disappear briefly? I’ll let you think about that.  As always thanks for reading. Be well and be happy ❤



One comment on “Just Gonna Paint

  1. This post made me so happy, I miss you guys! (erhm, gals rather….) Pie, your paintings are wonderful and if I may submit a request for a painting? This may be rather long but here it goes. Okay so I love/shiver at the scene from the beginning of the Mocking Jay where Katniss is standing in the ashes and there’s a skull near her foot, I think, and lots of crumbled/destroyed buildings and homes….yes, love that scene, because it’s just so beautifully put together. I loved your bit about power, and happiness. And I think the one thing that makes me feel better above all else is laughing. Nothing makes me feel instantly better and requires less energy (sometimes) than a good laugh 🙂 Love you ladies. Toodles!
    ❤ SV

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