Get Better Soon!

Right oh, so Pie is sick with a tummy bug.

Thus, this post is dedicated to make her feel better (and hopefully any of you who are having a sick day)

So to start off with our favorite quote,

Hahaah, if this doesn’t make you laugh, then you have no soul. Well, thats an overstatement. But it happens to be a true one 😀

The next video is a song that Pie and I cannot get out of our heads, and Pie’s favorite anime: LoveCom! It is sincerely adorable and funny.  Plus it’s a fairly new pairing video so I don’t think she’s seen it yet. Otani (the guy below) is the love of her life. So I think this will make her happy.

Ok, and here is what should be a picture of our cat. She has no brains. At all. But we think she is SO unintelligent… that it’s a ploy to gain our trust. So logically following that point, she must be a spy.

albeit a stupid spy. Sorry for insulting your cat Pie, but you know it’s true.
And now something that totally just made me tear up at my keyboard. Which makes sense because this chapter of Harry Potter made me cry too. They did a bang up job in the movie, and this youtuber brought all the scenes together.
Well Pie, if all of this doesn’t make you smile and feel better, I don’t know what will.
But being sick really is all your fault anyways. Yup. You heard me. This is what you get for eating eggplant parmesan without me. So there.
Now that we’ve got that settled, go lie on the couch and watch gilmore girls. Since I know you’re doing that anyways 😛 Lots of love, and feel better soon! And when you do feel better, read the Hunger Games. Seriously. I didn’t buy them just ‘cuz they look pretty. Well, actually…. they do have nice covers. I guess I’ll just call you now. Before you leave a disgruntled message on my voicemail in regards to my neglect.

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