99 Cent Flying Cat

Pie: Pie in the house! (I sound really stupid saying that don’t I) *REWIND!* Hi! (is hi too boring of a hello?) Hmmmm what do I say as a hello when since my first two ideas were busts? Happy summer!! If you aren’t on summer then…..that is too sad. My family and I are on summer vacation which is awesome! We are having so much fun. There is nothing like a day in the air?

My family thought it would be fun to wake up at 5 in the morning and fly across the country with our cats (we really like cats ❤ ).

We aren’t crazy cat people though…well that might be a bit of a white lie since we are kind of crazy in love with our cats, that’s not too creepy is it? Teddy and I believe our cat Noel is a spy cat since she talks to walls and walks like an army crawl. She might be psychic too since at 5 in the morning my Mom couldn’t find Noel so she asked me to help. I knew where my cat was but I didn’t know how I was going to get to her. She was under the couch, UNDER!

Our couch is a type of couch that is built in pieces so it will fit anywhere practically. All I could see was a little white fuzzy cat booty (great mental image right?). I ended up lifting up one end of the couch and pulling her out. She was fine, just not too thrilled to be found. It was a game of Hide and Go Seek. We give our cats a pill to make them sleepy during the flight so they aren’t traumatized. It’s always a long day in the airport when you travel. While we were in the air we had the most hilarious flight attendants! They made me laugh a lot. It’s not very often where you get a great flight attendant that had the ability to make an entire plane laugh. Here are some of my favorite things they said:

“Please take note of the life jacket procedure because during this flight we will be crossing the ocean in between Arizona and Chicago.”

“If the plane goes down use the person next to you as your life preserver.”

“When the air mask comes down first put your own mask on and then put one on your child, if you have two children pick the one with the most potential.”

“If we crash you can take your life jackets as a souvenir.”

On another flight we were stuck at the gate so our flight attendant started telling jokes:

“What do you call a deer with no eyes? -no eyed deer. What do you call a deer with no eyes or legs? -Still no eyed deer.” (if you don’t get this joke then try saying it aloud to yourself and if someone asks why you are talking to yourself then you are on your own because I have no eyed deer)

On one flight we had to move seats because the people in front of us were allergic and they were complaining so we did move. More ironically I am allergic to cats and I hug and kiss them all the time and I turned out fine (well….minus the whole POTS thing).

Plane rides can be really difficult when dealing with POTS. It’s really hard to spend a day where you are actively doing things for many hours. Things to distract you:



DS (handheld game)


Paper and pen


Also make sure you have water and a snack, you don’t want to get dizzy on the plane. One time I almost fainted in a plane that was pretty scary! I had to drink water and I just tried to relax. Symptoms can be really random and at times pretty terrifying. Even if you aren’t in a plane, you should still bring water and a snack. I always carry a water bottle, Gatorade powder (g2 powder) and a granola bar in my purse just in case. Sometimes you get in a sticky situation where you need a boost. After a plane ride or any big event sometimes it takes Teddy and I a few days to recover. Take each day slowly, pace yourself.  You know what you can and cannot do.

It was a good trip and at the end of the it Teddy and I were ready for bed. The earth was shaking for me and Teddy was super dizzy. For some reason when I am really tired the whole world seems to bounce under my feet which is weird because last time I checked the world doesn’t have a bouncing problem, I might need to check again. One of the perks of being “special” I guess. Having the ability to think you are on a trampoline all hours of the day! Could be your with the small price of $89.99! Why is everything (insert #).99? .99? .99? I understand the smart people of our world want the price to look smaller but honestly?

One cent? One penny? One lonely little penny. Okay now I am totally rambling and I apologize immensely for my lack of knowledge in this post. I just got back from a nice run and my brain is a bit on the sleepy side. I like to listen to songs from Glee while I run because a lot of the songs are very upbeat. Mental note for you reader: After you work out it’s always a good idea to have a small bite to eat. I don’t mean go out and eat a whole pizza! Eat an apple or a granola bar. Something to keep your tired POTS body from going into sleep mode. After you work out it’s also important to remember just because you work out a lot it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and stay the same size. If you want to stay healthy workout and eat food that is good for you. Occasional yummy treats are good in moderation. I do like chocolate myself, and potato chips! The good thing about potato chips is they have salt which is a must for a POTS patient 😀 Which is A-O-K for me! Teddy and I will be keeping up more frequently with our posts this summer. You will hear from us very soon! Until then have a lovely day ❤



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