Go Hug A Cat For Goodness Sakes!

SPRING  BREAK! Do you realize how amazing that is? Oh goodness I think if I had to live through another day of school I would turn into a puddle of Pie. Let me tell you Pies in puddle form are not as sweet (pudding is different). Now I am guessing you have seen Teddy’s sexy compression socks? They’re are insanely tight, I tried them on and almost died…..I hate socks…..when I was little I would cry whenever my Mom would put them on me. One thing I do to make me happy is to paint my nails. I don’t settle for ten fingers all one shade of a stereotypical red OH NO I paint them all different colors. Why? Because it makes me happy!! Every two weeks or so I sit in on my bathroom floor, listen to my ipod and paint my nails. I started doing this a couple months ago after I was having a truly awful day. I saw someone who had different shades of a color on her nails and I really liked how it looked. Now I look down and see a rainbow of colors ❤ I am honestly quite bad at painting my nails hand me a canvas or a boring wooden box and I will paint just fine.

When it comes to actually coloring (or painting) inside the lines it’s never good. Since I have been sick for 6 years… I have found many a ways to keep my creative side active. Birthdays and holidays come up all the time in life and personally it’s hard for me to think of good gifts…so I end up making them. One present I love to make is a painted wooden box. You can get really low priced boxes at art shops. I paint them on the outside with any color that pleases me. On the inside of the lid I glue stickers of things that remind me of the person.  I use a brush called a scruffy brush it creates a spongy texture to the box. I use plain ol’ acrylic paint and add sparkles if I am in the mood for pixie dust. The bottom of the inside can be a bit dull so I spruce it up with some felt (felt is just a cheap thick fabric). I have made the mistake of using a hot glue gun to glue the felt on and let me tell you…it isn’t called hot because it’s good looking.

I am surprised I still have thumbprints after using it. I know someday I will burn my thumb and the glue will mold my fingerprint into saying ha ha ha whose hot now? Sadly hot glue seems to be one of the best glues ever, that’s why it is called hot.  If someone says that’s hot you just say what like glue? It’s about time the world knew the real definition of the word “hot”. Yes, yes but back to my art projectos! I don’t only make boxes I have found many strange ways to be creative. I made Teddy this AWESOME poster (it’s giant) it is covered with our favorite movies/tv shows/ books pictures and then I have all of our favorite quotes scattered across it. I am a huge fan of designer paper. I buy these big books filled with paper with designs all over it. They are beautiful. What I really like about the paper is that I can use it for so many different things. When I have a project due in school I tend to use the really nice paper because it looks like I put a bigger effort into making it.

High school teachers love to make their students do strange projects like short stories about rats stranded on an island! I am not even kidding…in high school I wrote a story about the adaptations of rats…..on a desert island…my life can only go up hill from there right? Back to Teddy, in college her dorm door was (a snore) it had this boring sign that said her name on it and where she came from….so I got my designer paper out and made her a new one. Mine is way better. It is sparkly and perdy. I bought all of the stickers that have things in common with her life like the beach, books, tea, flowers, plants, reading, horses, cats etc and I put them on Velcro so she could rearrange them. Her name is in sparkly blue font and it is inside a mini frame. I was quite proud of my work. Another thing I love to do is make jewelry I do a lot of wire wrapping techniques. I make a lot of earrings but ironically I don’t have pierced ears.

I just love making them and seeing my friends and family member’s happy faces when they open them. That’s what I find amazing about art projects you can make someone something that they will love. How awesome is it to make something that you are proud of? For any person with a chronic illness ( or without a chronic illness! Or even a plain ol’ cold) it can be really hard to fill up your days with activities that don’t make you exhausted. On some hard days even lifting a paintbrush seems like climbing a mountain. So, take lots of breaks and pace yourself. It’s okay if you are too tired to go to the movies with a friend (it’s a bummer but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do) Instead of going to the movies maybe call them to keep up (that’s how I have kept my friends through all of these years) Or have them over to hangout for a short visit so you don’t crash the next day. Rent a great movie that you have been dying to see, take a nap in the sun, make a smoothie, practice cooking, PAINT, write a blog, sing, dance, yodel, watch funny youtube videos, call your friend, act, create a magnificent castle on sims, play dress up, take pictures, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, or talk to your cat (I am not even kidding TALK TO YOU’RE CAT! Why? Because sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Honestly your cat doesn’t care what you are talking about as long are you are talking to him.) This is you’re life and sadly you might come to the point where your fuzzy cat is the best you can do for the time being. Appreciate that cat and feed him well and give him snuggles!

Don’t let your days stay empty! Empty days can seem limitless while you are in the chronic black hole of nothingness. It can be as small as a cat but if it makes you happy then that is what matters in the end. Stay happy. Being happy will be your best medicine. You’re cat might think he is the best medicine…if you don’t have a cat you should go get one from the pound…and if you are allergic (like me) get one anyway ( I have three cats in case I am having a bad day and two are sleepy/grumpy, then I still have a cat to love). So, what you have learned in this blog post is to be happy, eat cheese (wait did I seriously forget to put that in the post??!?!?!?!), stay creative, and hug a cat..any cat will do as long as it resembles a cat…I am not sure if chihuahuas count. Be well and be happy 😀


Pie (not pudding)


2 comments on “Go Hug A Cat For Goodness Sakes!

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Stumbled on your site ’cause I cohabit a house with two felines who don’t like to be hugged by me. They leave the humans hug and carry them around but not me. Maybe its my dental work they dislike. By the way if you ever hug a golden retriever I guarantee you’ll put it right up there with cat hugging.

    • Hugging furry animals is one of the best medicines out there : ) Pie and I utilize its healing powers quite frequently. I’m glad you agree with us! Have a lovely day!

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