Music & Mushrooms

Teddy: So a mushroom walks into a bar and takes a seat.

Pie: STOP, noNoNO!

Teddy: The bartender turns to him and says, “sorry we don’t serve your kind here.” and the mushroom says, “why not? I’m a fun guy!”

Pie: WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME A JOKE ABOUT A FUNGUS? You know I don’t like mushrooms!

Teddy: On that note, hi : ) Well, I briefly toyed with the idea of calling this “Pigs and Playlists” but thought “Music and Mushrooms” was more to the point. Besides, who wants to hear about pigs? Anywho, I have had several days that I’ve felt totally normal. Well, mostly normal. Aside from the medicine, morning broth, and stuff. And when that happens, I completely forget that I’m sick (until someone tells me to walk up a flight of stairs or something). But I’ve hung out with friends, gone to parties, stuck out my tongue to catch rain drops in a storm, and had almost no homework. So, basically, this was a good Teddy weekend. There are plenty of bad ones, so it was a particular blessing. Not only that, but a ton of good music has come out recently. My favorite female singer of all time, Adele, came out with her new album 21. It’s fantastic. And, another favorite band, The Decemberists, had an album this spring called “The King Is Dead”. Which, in true Decemberist fashion, is morbid, happy, and corny all at once. So with all this awesome energy, I began to compile a list of songs that fill me with joy. I love sad music, especially when it’s quiet and poignant. But no matter how much I love The Swell Season, I don’t think it necessary will make everyone happy just by listening to it (except for its sheer beauty that is). So Pie and I made lists of our favorite songs that make us happy, even on our terrible days. Hopefully, our dear readers will get get some pleasure out of them as well!

Teddy’s Happy Songs List (In no particular order)

1. You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oats. Yes it was on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Yes Joseph Gordon-Levitt begins dancing in my head every time I hear it. You still wonder why it makes me happy?

2. This is Why We Fight by the Decemberists. It’s like a call to arms. It’s a good song to walk epically to.

3. You Belong Here by Anberlin. Someone should play this after they get married, or at the end of a movie. It gives me the shiveries.

4. Firework by Katy Perry. Yes it is pop. But, it’s the type of pop that makes me want to go and change to the world, so it is thus acceptable.

5. Blind Mary by Gnarls Barkley. It’s sweet, and so up-beat. Just listen to it.

6. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine. Her entire album is splendid, but this song stands out as one of the few truly happy ones. The day I realize I’m over POTS I fully intend to play it. Over and over again.

7. Secrets by OneRepublic. The last of the pop crap : ) I adore their first album, but it wasn’t happy. This song is filled with joy.

8. Not Alone by Darren Criss. Ok, Pie and I will devote an entire entry to A Very Potter Musical. It’s probably our favorite silly thing. For those of you who have not seen the splendiferous youtube musical, he is also on Glee. But the song is like he is singing in your ear, comforting you. Plus, we could all use a reminder that we’re not alone.

9. Defying Gravity from Wicked, the Broadway musical.  It’s inspiring. The musical isn’t the most profound thing I’ve ever watched, but the message is good. Plus, their vocals are superb.

10. Nothing in My Way by Keane. My favorite band in this world, though I am the only one who still enjoys them. They have 3 albums and 2 EPs that are brilliant. Then they sold out, in a big way. But, I’m in denial about all of of that and continue to love this song especially.

11. Run by Snow Patrol. I really can’t think of a description. Listen to the darn thing and you’ll understand.

12. Numb by Marina & the Diamonds. It is her eternal misfortune to have produced an album the same year as Florence. They target the same listeners, but Florence is a bit better. That being said, this song is verifiably one of the best of the album. I adore it, and you will too.

13. Grace Kelly by Mika. We’ve all heard it. It’s hilarious. Plus, it’s amazing to sing to, give it a go. I’m practically tone deaf and I still belt it out 😛

14. Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Just found this song recently, though it’s been out a while. It’s a love song, which I usually don’t like. I mean, there are so many awesome things in this world to sing about besides love. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. This song makes me melt into a puddle every time I hear it, literally. It’s like an indie/alternative song had a baby with a country song. It’s the only way I can describe it. Just, AGH! So cute!

15. Razia’s Shadow by Forgive Durden. I’m cheating on this last one, because it’s an entire album. Not just any album though, it’s a rock opera. On a recent bad day, I listened to it on repeat and it completely calmed me down. The lyrics are intricate and the music is completely divine. Give it a shot, even if it’s not your normal cup of tea.


Pie: It is true….mushrooms are not on my list of favorite things 😉 This week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me and its been mentally and physically quite a ride. What I still find amazing is that after a really horrible day due to POTS, lack of sleep, grumpy teachers, and testing I was surrounded by so many good things to counteract them. I came home crying after talking to one of my teachers (this is one of those moments when you are in your car and you feel like you are in a crying scene from a movie) my amazing Mother hugged me a talked me through everything. I also had a huge tennis match that day (and we all know how hard it is to feel good after crying and feeling your sickness take its toll) but despite all of that I won my match by saying ‘I want to win, I am going to win’ I seriously looked like a nutcase talking to myself. My friends, coach, new music and parents helped me survive a bad POTS day. This post isn’t about my weird mumblings and car crying though (you are missing out!!) Teddy and I constantly sing to each other or write lyrics on each others facebook walls. When I used to nap everyday I would listen to music to help me sleep and I love the feeling of slowly drifting back to awareness and having one of those perfect simple moments listening to the songs inner meaning that you would have never caught. I have a lot of songs that play my heartstrings in ways like nothing else on this earth can. Like Teddy, I too like songs that are slow and sad. Songs that you feel a connection to through lyrics intertwined with a mesmerizing melody. Please enjoy my fellow mushroom haters…….(if you don’t hate mushrooms….well I guess I can make a small exception ❤ )

Pie’s Favorite Happy Songs ❤

1. Fix You by Coldplay. This song makes me cry! (I am sounding like such a cry baby in this post!)  “When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep, stuck in reverse.” When I think about POTS I think of this song, it gives me the hope that lights will guide me home and ignite my bones and my fatigue will be washed away.

2. Lost by Anouk. A beautiful song about a woman who is heartbroken that the man she loves does not love her (isn’t that so surprising?). She feels her world melting in all around her and she feels her path has been shaken and now she is lost.

3. Things You’ve Never Done by Passenger. This song has been replayed over and over on my ipod, computer, and brain.

4. I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds. I must admit, I have never heard a more unique and intricate voice before. Teddy had to urge me to keep listening to it until I liked it….and now I love it.

5. Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machines. Lyrics=beauty. Melody=strength. Voice=Perfection. I can’t seem to get enough of this song, it makes me want to hold onto her words and keep them in my heart.

6. When the Sun Met the Moon by Panic at the Disco. I LOVE THIS SONG! It makes me so happy! It makes me want to get up and dance ❤

7. Half Life by Imogen Heap. If this is your first time hearing the name Imogen Heap, you have been deprived as a human being and I recommend seeing a therapist as soon as it’s humanly possible. (warning sad song!)

8. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg. An innocently adorable song. I think the title explains the theme of this song.

9. Life Left to Go by Safetysuit. I fell in love with Safetysuit’s ENTIRE album. Teddy and I bought the whole album because we couldn’t love one song without loving them all.

10. That Green Gentlemen by Panic at the Disco. Another great song that is just amazing! “Things have changed for me…and that’s okay!”

11. For Good by Wicked. I adore this song, my best friend and I have decided this is our song. It’s so adorable.

12. If I Had You by Adam Lambert. I can’t NOT dance to this song. I request it at every school dance ( I am not even kidding )

13. Get Back To Hogwarts by A Very Potter Sequel. This is from a musical dedicated entirely to HARRY POTTER! Nothing compares to Harry Potter We all know that!

14. Bravest Man I Ever Knew by Ministry of Magic (MOM). Teddy and I are proud Potter nerds.

15. Someone Like You by (the absolutely brilliant) Adele. Her new album is out!!!! I saved the best for last. I sing this song basically every time I am in my car. Who doesn’t love great lyrics and a singer with a voice to die for?

Teddy: Oh, and a huge shout out to Sleepless Vigilante. I was having a bad night and she distracted me enough from my anxiety attack so I could sleep. She played this game with me where she would ask me my favorite things. So, if you have a friend who gets anxiety attacks, text them and see if it helps. She was a total blessing for me that night. A link to her blog is here:

Teddy&Pie: Thank-you reader for tuning into another one of our posts. They are brilliant songs and we hope they make you as happy as they made us. Please for our sake have an amazing sickness free weekend full of fun 🙂 Until next time!


The Misses Pots aka…..TEDDY AND PIE!!


One comment on “Music & Mushrooms

  1. I don’t think I could ever tell you two how much I love you! And your wonderful taste in music!! A Very Potter Musical all the way!!! If you don’t already know her I suggest checking out Lights, she is awesome and the music is mellow but it makes you feel like there is someone out there who understands 🙂 love you lots! Can’t wait for your future posts!! ❤

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